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  1. Wow that's really long footage! *heads to watch everything* T4P Matthew!
  2. With the authorization from Matthew, I'm opening this thread here with questions to the devs about scrapped/early concepts and ideas from KOTOR II. We realize most of this stuff was cut/moved/modified very early in the developement and doesn't have much to do with the final storyline, but we fans were always curious about it. We would be extremly glad to ever get an answer or an explanation on any of the stuff from the list 1. Atris as Darth Traya - how was Atris suppoused to become the Lady of Betrayal in this scrapped idea? Was it in case Kreia was redeemed/killed? - Was there ever an
  3. hot chicks are rapidly becoming passe. Hot guys are in this season or what?
  4. I must say, those menus are sexy. Almost as much as Alpha Protocol booth babes: Was I the only one who was unaware of their presence @ E3 till today? more pictures @ E3girls.com
  5. There's also a great new video from 1UP showing LOTS of footage! http://gamevideos.1up.com/video/id/25198 How can you not love Sie?
  6. From the technical point of view, K2 had many more problems than The Original Trilogy Remake KOTOR 1 had. But from the artistic point of view, TSL owned K1's existance and threw it right here:
  7. Beyond ridiculous? How amazing it would be if Luca$Art$ allowed Obsidian to do something like this for K2?
  8. The replayability aspect may be the most important one given how important C&C seem to be in AP.
  9. to sum up the important bits: - 25+ hour gameplay - The game is still in Alpha stage - Clothes, facial-feature and hairstyle customization that is actually relevant to the type of a mission you take - Memorabilia from characters and missions decorating Mike's safe houses while the game progresses - The game lets you know how the NPCs response to your conversation style: menu screen with dossiers on each encountered character - Boss battles are optional - Choices, choices, choices! =D - Destructoid thinks that everything in Mass Effect and Fallout 3 apart from dialog options, customizat
  10. Agree with you 100%. This game may be trully stellar if Obz manages to polish the animations and the camera during those remaining months prior the release. Everything else looks fantastic and I think the DSS and the consequences of choices made by the player will be AP's selling points. Plus, the almighty MCA is responsible for the plot = quality guaranteed.
  11. Minigames looks fun, the combat looks like it has tons of options, I'm loving the dialogue system and think that the limited respone time works really well for this game + the fact that you seem to have to make some pretty major decisions really often! But there is one thing that really needs some polishin. The camera. Obz should really focus on it (and polishing the animations too but the camera is more important). There's alot of time till the release, so I hope most of the bad aspects (there's not much of them anyway) are gonna be fixed CAN'T WAIT!!! :D
  12. Sweet Lord, the ultimate legend Chris Avellone himself answered my question!!!! :aiee: :bow: ;( ;( *dies happy from a biggest nerdgasm one could possibly have* So they were always suppoused to be the survivors of the Great Hyperspace War. I never really liked this theory/possibility, but now that I know the bigger image of "deafening" the Galaxy with the wounds and echoes in the Force created in major battles/conflicts, and that in fact this "technique" of conquering the Galaxy comes from from them, it all becomes so logical and actually... good! There's where Kreia's knowledge of cre
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