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  1. Hey guys! Just letting everyone know I left on my own accord. I am, as you should be, super excited for the games that Obsidian is coming out with soon! I'll definitely miss chatting with all of you on the forums, but now I'll just be going back to a fan like everyone else! Laters ya'll, Alvin
  2. That song was awesome. I would put that in some sweet dungeon or an old God's tomb.
  3. Dude, the whole team at Obsidian is really floored with the support! SO cool to see so many people wanting to help out and create an order! Thanks everyone!
  4. Hey Ausir, thanks so much for setting this up! I would say it's a good idea to keep up to date with what Feargus has been posting on the comments so far. He's probably been dropping some good knowledge about the game and other things on there.
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