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  1. Just wanted to pop in and say hi to everyone. Hope you've all been doing good! I've been spending the year working on various projects. Got my own music label set up now in Stockholm! That's exciting, I guess. I still smile wide when I think back to the song we made together, and the energy these forums had during the Kickstarter. Much love to you all!
  2. Thanks for this Jason/Leon! Appreciated!
  3. Thank you so much everyone! Can you guys believe we reached over 4 million dollars? So amazing.
  4. I left my guitar in the studio after rehearsing with my band, so I had to get creative with this one. :D Thanks as always for your kind words, friend!
  5. Thank you so much norolim! Yeah, I left my guitar at the rehearsal studio a few days back, and then just forgot I had it there. So when I came home and wanted to write the song, I had to come up with something else to make up for the lack of my instrument of choice. :D Glad you like it!
  6. Here it is! With exactly 24 hours to go, I give you the last song before the Kickstarter runs out! Hope you like it everyone! Thanks for an amazing campaign! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fqd9UcESbZ8&feature=player_detailpage&list=PL7tgU6dMph_DD2-XKVGQNlPc3M1Os3L4H
  7. Heh, that's a fine idea friend, but I think it's a little too late for that now. In any case. The songs finished. It's a little different than the previous songs, as it's an actual recording now, and I'll just set it to a background picture. Though, it's hardly of spectacular quality, as it's just recorded straight into the integrated microphone on my MacBook. But the 'feeling' is there, which is the most important part! :D I'll post it as soon as it's uploaded! It's called "Chant of Murder", muhwaha!
  8. Farudan! The topic got "closed for length" so I can't apply for my Order title. I'd be glad with Meistersinger. Thanks for the suggestion! :D ON ANOTHER NOTE! The song is happening! Right now! I just got home, and lo and behold I forgot my guitar at the rehearsal studio. But that's just fine. Josh did an a capella when he sang, so I figured I'd just do the same, or something. So, I got the story! It's about a MURDEROUS ROBBER CHANTER. Backstory is this: he has robbed numerous people, mostly elves, by pacifying them with songs and stealing their belongings. If they have ever made any ef
  9. I also have very fond memories of playing UO, and experiencing satisfying nautical action!
  10. See now I'm confused. #insertimageofFryaskingnotsureifspoilersorlies You have some really great ideas though dude. Lying bards huh? *scribbles in little notebook*
  11. I know I should do my research and all, and I have been reading a whole lot! But some parts I skipped, feeling like they were mildly spoilerish. I wanted the game to tell me during the course of my adventure. Hence, I've skipped reading about Od Nua. But that's a great suggestion!
  12. Thanks a bunch mstark! Yes!! And you have to look your child in the eyes during the whole song, and make scary faces. That would be awesome! #scaremychildtosleepeverynight #IwillbeagoodparentIswear
  13. Thanks Papylon! I think I've decided on one of the parts of the final song. I'd like to feature a chanter, or even make the last song a chant of some kind. Might be wierd though, but they sound like a really interesting class!
  14. Thanks man. Got me all excited! :D Yeah, been a while since the last song. The previous ones were filmed hardly a day apart. But I've been busy recording my own music and doing shows in Sweden. Then the weather in Stockholm got ubercold, and I caught a horrible cold and couldn't talk proper, let alone sing, for over a week. I'll manage a song before the campaign's over though. That's for sure. Just need choose the theme. There's almost too many good subjects to choose from now! Heh.
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