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  1. Just wanted to pop in and say hi to everyone. Hope you've all been doing good! I've been spending the year working on various projects. Got my own music label set up now in Stockholm! That's exciting, I guess. I still smile wide when I think back to the song we made together, and the energy these forums had during the Kickstarter. Much love to you all!
  2. Thanks for this Jason/Leon! Appreciated!
  3. Thank you so much everyone! Can you guys believe we reached over 4 million dollars? So amazing.
  4. I left my guitar in the studio after rehearsing with my band, so I had to get creative with this one. :D Thanks as always for your kind words, friend!
  5. Thank you so much norolim! Yeah, I left my guitar at the rehearsal studio a few days back, and then just forgot I had it there. So when I came home and wanted to write the song, I had to come up with something else to make up for the lack of my instrument of choice. :D Glad you like it!
  6. Here it is! With exactly 24 hours to go, I give you the last song before the Kickstarter runs out! Hope you like it everyone! Thanks for an amazing campaign! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fqd9UcESbZ8&feature=player_detailpage&list=PL7tgU6dMph_DD2-XKVGQNlPc3M1Os3L4H
  7. Heh, that's a fine idea friend, but I think it's a little too late for that now. In any case. The songs finished. It's a little different than the previous songs, as it's an actual recording now, and I'll just set it to a background picture. Though, it's hardly of spectacular quality, as it's just recorded straight into the integrated microphone on my MacBook. But the 'feeling' is there, which is the most important part! :D I'll post it as soon as it's uploaded! It's called "Chant of Murder", muhwaha!
  8. Farudan! The topic got "closed for length" so I can't apply for my Order title. I'd be glad with Meistersinger. Thanks for the suggestion! :D ON ANOTHER NOTE! The song is happening! Right now! I just got home, and lo and behold I forgot my guitar at the rehearsal studio. But that's just fine. Josh did an a capella when he sang, so I figured I'd just do the same, or something. So, I got the story! It's about a MURDEROUS ROBBER CHANTER. Backstory is this: he has robbed numerous people, mostly elves, by pacifying them with songs and stealing their belongings. If they have ever made any effort to fight back, he has killed them. Often by *gasp* making them kill themselves by manipulating them with his singing. Wooop! Now, the husband of one of the murdered elves has caught him in the act, and he has brought a sword! He wants revenge! But he to, is soon bound by the Chanters song... What will happen?!?! to be continued.
  9. I also have very fond memories of playing UO, and experiencing satisfying nautical action!
  10. See now I'm confused. #insertimageofFryaskingnotsureifspoilersorlies You have some really great ideas though dude. Lying bards huh? *scribbles in little notebook*
  11. I know I should do my research and all, and I have been reading a whole lot! But some parts I skipped, feeling like they were mildly spoilerish. I wanted the game to tell me during the course of my adventure. Hence, I've skipped reading about Od Nua. But that's a great suggestion!
  12. Thanks a bunch mstark! Yes!! And you have to look your child in the eyes during the whole song, and make scary faces. That would be awesome! #scaremychildtosleepeverynight #IwillbeagoodparentIswear
  13. Thanks Papylon! I think I've decided on one of the parts of the final song. I'd like to feature a chanter, or even make the last song a chant of some kind. Might be wierd though, but they sound like a really interesting class!
  14. Thanks man. Got me all excited! :D Yeah, been a while since the last song. The previous ones were filmed hardly a day apart. But I've been busy recording my own music and doing shows in Sweden. Then the weather in Stockholm got ubercold, and I caught a horrible cold and couldn't talk proper, let alone sing, for over a week. I'll manage a song before the campaign's over though. That's for sure. Just need choose the theme. There's almost too many good subjects to choose from now! Heh.
  15. Hi everyone! The Kickstarter is coming to a close. The last few updates have been mindblowingly great. Specially the lore post and the stronghold stretch goal! I'm certain we'll reach it! I hope to do atleast one more song before it all wraps up. Haven't decided yet on the mood of the song or its content, but I'd like to make it special, as it marks the end of the Kickstarter campaign. I just want to say yet again how much fun it's been to make and film these songs, and the community has been so kind to me. Thanks to all of you! And a special thanks to everyone at Obsidian Entertainment! Means so much to me that so many of you have taken the time to watch and even comment on some of the songs. If I said I don't wish to be a part of the future of Project Eternity, in any shape or form, I'd be lying. But the feedback alone on the songs here, on youtube and on so many other forums, has made me feel like I'm very much a part of this wonderful group of enthusiasts, all wishing for Project Eternity to become a reality, and for it to become as much as it can possibly be. But it hasn't been all roses though. Some have questioned my credibility as a gamer, calling me a hipster unfit to be a part of the Project Eternity world. Same thing happened when I featured MineCraft in one of my music videos. Many said I was just "riding the band wagon", this even though I'd been playing MineCraft since before the sponge block was added. I got a whole lot of unjust flak. Gaming is and has since childhood been a great and beautiful part of my life. I grew up with a single mother, that took on way too many jobs at once to make sure we had food on the table, and she often worked late into the night. Gaming became my refuge. And it didn't end at just beating games. But really beating games. Finding -everything-. And if there was nothing to find, I'd try to get from beginning to end without losing a life. Once I had that down, I started doing speed runs. Not only did this keep me occupied for longer periods of time, but it made sure my mom didn't have to spend more money on buying new games all the time. It was a win-win approach. Later on though, as I got into infinity engine games, it almost became an obsession.. Loading and saving, loading and saving, countless playtroughs, to get every possible conversation outcome, every possible ending, with all companions etc etc... So, I just want to let you know, I really am one of you. And I am very proud to be. Wow, this became quite the wordy post, but I guess (hope) RPG players don't have the same problems many others have with reading long posts. So thanks once again to one and all. I'll be doing one last song before the Kickstarter is over. From there, who knows. I'll certainly be following the development and lurking forums! Take care! / Armand
  16. Great update and great fan service in giving the songs away for free!
  17. Reactivity is -really- important to me when I play RPGs. But it needs to be tuned very well. If it's done in a shallow manner, then it breaks immersion instead of heightening it. In my point of view, reactivity needs as much attention as any other major gameplay element.
  18. Thanks everyone! :D Glad you like it! I'll be taking a small break now. So, next song will have to wait until sometime next week. I'll keep this thread and use it for future uploads. Who knows, I might need your help again in the future!
  19. I don't know really, I mean, haven't all previous IE games had a lot of replay value already in that you can make such different characters and take so many different paths? Even if the main game plays out similarly. One idea though, could be that you play as any good old adventurer in new game+, and the main quest is happening in the world, but it's not surrounding you? And you can go wherever and just do side quests, and see reactions to what's happening in the main quest, in places and from perspectives that weren't available to you as you played the characters actually doing the the mq the first time round? (phew, long sentence.) You could import any character and just get going. Experience the game world freely. But, I'd rather not spend resources on that, and just have a terrific main game.
  20. I'd first like to say that I wholeheartedly agree with OP. And while we're on the topic, I'd really like to see time put on the artwork of the inventory items. I really like the way items have looked in previous IE games. Really enjoyable for the eyes, and each item feels magical and special. Diablo 2 also had great artwork for inventory items, making them look worthy of getting. Diablo 3 on the other hand, has chosen a really dull look for their inventory this time around. Makes collecting items less stimulating. (which is just kick in the face for a game so focused on collecting items..) Oh! And I'd also like to see the armor I put on my character actually appear. Even tiny things, like belts, and rings. Let them all be visible on the characters. Well, maybe not rings, who knows if we'll ever get to see the characters that up close. But you get the gist of it. Putting something on your character equals having it appear on your character. And, perhaps some level of customisation, like coloring your fabrics, and garments/accessories that are strictly for wearing and decorating your characters. Giving them your own personal flare. Not rare for a band of people to wear something uniform, to strengthen their team spirit.
  21. Thanks again Aedelric! I really like Stealer Of Souls as well! It felt really special, as it came to me in my sleep. That has happened once or twice before, but it's still rare! I wanted to do something equally special when I filmed it, so, I took one of my scarves and made it act as a cloak! Haha. And sorry if anyone felt like their name got pronounced wrong. You guys got some exotic names I'll tell you! Farudan: I'll be sure to do a song about the Gods sooner or later! I salute the Order!
  22. Don't know if anyone has mentioned this already, but I'd like a very certain animation to be in the game. And that's -shattering- ! I remember when I played Dragon Age, the fact that you technically shattered an opponent but all you got was a lousy white message saying *shattered* felt very underwhelming. I'm not all for ultra violence, but that one thing really bugged me. I don't remember if we had shattering effects in the old IE games, I think we did. I'd really like that to be in Project Eternity. When a frozen or petrified character is hit, there should be a chance of shattering. Maybe when hit with a crit?
  23. Haha, well, you guys gave me such great ideas! And who doesn't love a good challenge! Baldur's Gate was a little too hard to fit in there though..
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