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  1. I haven't personally tried the rift yet, so I really cant say for sure. But having a dedicated screen for each eye seems like it would make for the best 3d that you could get(imo). At least better then polarized or active shudder lenses(which I have tried). Since, I haven't personally tried it though, it's just optimism on my part. After looking for a link for the 4k development article, I found another stating that the founder was misquoted in those articles. So, you are correct, there is currently no 4k rift in development. And, yeah, I kinda described the advancement issue wrong. As
  2. but that's exactly what it means in this case. whichever axonometric projection P:E will be using (and IE and any other '2D' top-down games have used) can be imagined as looking at objects infinitely far away; there is no difference in the angle that each of Your eyes are looking at the scene, so there is no difference in picture that each of Your eyes see, so there is nothing to create the illusion of depth. Yeah, that makes sense. I was thinking that if they can make Civ 5 display in 3D, that it would work here too. But the way everything is rendered is quite different as you've
  3. a) VR offers some of the best 3d available, that's why I'm using it for this discussion. Also, specifically for the possibility of having a 4k screen per eye, which is supposedly something that OculusVR has been working on. b) If something really takes off (eg. tablets and smartphones). It doesn't take long for everyone to get one. Especially, if they're cheap. They said they wanted to have it released (base version) for about $300. I am referring to the norm for gamers and not all PC users of course. And, of course, this is pure speculation. c) I have upgraded GPU's and went to a SSD
  4. I get that it's a 2d game, but that doesn't mean that displaying it in 3d wouldn't at least add some depth to the image. Not so much for being able to look around in the environment or anything. Think of what Avatar did in 3D in theatres. It wasn't about things popping out at you so much as it was about the depth of the image(imo). And, I wouldn't be so sure about VR not becoming the norm in just a few short years. Look at how fast smartphones and tablets took off. I think that VR and 4k are good reason to get Intel, Nvidia and AMD to really start pushing tech again. Thanks to all of t
  5. I've already paid for the expansion, as have many others. So they should have at least some funds available for it right now. Regardless, it's good to see where they are at with it.
  6. Playable, has the major features in. Still getting the majority of the "smaller" assets in. Hopefully that works for you. The game may not be in a complete state, but it's at least partially playable. I had no idea that you were so personally involved with PE's development though, so I'll just take everything you say as a gospel. I guess I missed that big green "Developer" tag under your name. My bad.
  7. They've had a lot of job postings lately for MMO's. So I wonder if it's just them trying to diversify in case of a flop. It makes a lot of sense to have multiple projects on the go to cover their asses. Doesn't mean I'm going to play them. Though I'm kind of on the same page as the OP. I'd love a steady stream of badass RPG's like we had for a few years with Black Isle/Interplay. It has really seemed to have stalled though. Especially, now that Bioware has gone to crap. Thanks again EA! Hell, the only reason I'm even posting on these boards right now is that I'm bored as hell, and cant
  8. http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/65115-update-72-death-godlike-and-expected-ship-date/?hl=alpha As linked, they said in update 72 that they were rapidly approaching alpha. A lot of people have speculated that it will be in alpha by the end of the month(March). Hence the question. Just wondering where dev resources are at. Not that I expect that you specifically would know. Are they going onto the expansion next, or the fantasy MMO, or the tank mmo?
  9. I can see why people are stressing this when looking back at the old games that we all love stuck at 640x480, etc. Especially when looking at the tech coming out this year. Especially, when looking at VR. There is still talk about Oculus Rift having 4k screens for each eye. Which is ridiculous, but could honestly be the new standard in just a couple of years. So, now you think about having to render 2x4k screens(potentially one for each eye) for the 3d aspect. I think this will all be incredibly cool, and it will be a shame that we likely wont be able to play these classic games in this wa
  10. I don't know if you've seen what unity is capable of, or not. But, it can make pretty much any type of game you want. Be it 1st person, 3rd person, or even a cheap side scroller cell phone game. I'm just saying that there shouldn't be an issue as to what the team can do with it. There should be no reason to alter the plot because of the engine. I get what you're saying as far as "we have to change this plot element because it just isn't working". I'm just saying that not all of the developers will stay on the project from beginning to end. That just isn't how it works. It's the same reason
  11. If they picked an engine that can't support an IE style games plot, then Obsidian should be bludgeoned to death for their incompetence. Same goes with them re-writing the central plot at this stage in the game. It's supposed to be released by the end of the year. I've only been playing games and watching their development for 25 years or so...but I'm pretty sure that's not how this works. Writers are always the first to leave the project and move on to other projects. I just wanna know if that project is the expansion, or tanks... Granted, the leads (Josh included) are in a bit of a different
  12. So you figure that they have plenty of writing to do once the game has hit alpha....? They have to have had the writing done pre-alpha, at the very least, the plot. It only makes sense that they would have carried on to the expansion. Unless they're busier with other things. Like...tanks... This is what I'm hoping as well. And, I'm really curious as to what the timeframe will be like between the initial games release and the expansions release. 6 months? a year? Just wondering.
  13. Since the game is pretty much at an alpha state, I was wondering if any of the dev assets had started working on the expansion yet? Or, is it being developed at the same time as the main game? Just curious if the expansions development will immediately follow the main game or if devs are being moved to other projects(unrevealed/recently revealed) with a break in between. For those of you thinking that this may be a bit premature, it's not like the writers have nearly as much to do once the game hits an alpha state. Which is why I ask. Also, creature and class designers and concept artists
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