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  1. My experience was quite similar to yours, and I very much remember you as an active member during PoE development on these forums. I had exactly the same experience with the backer NPCs. I wanted to engage, but quickly realized there was nothing to interact with. I've played the game over 3 major sessions, the last one when WM2 released, and still haven't finished it. I'm fairly completionist, the first session lasted until I left the first major city and got really sick of the meaningless trash mobs everywhere. This somewhat mitigated in later patches, and I picked the game up again and completed Twin Elms up to the "point of no return". The last time I picked it up I went into WM and completed half of it. I've completed all of Od Nua and other side content. I hated the idea of an "upgradeable" stronghold when the stretch goal was released, and the implementation lived up to my expectation. I play "deep" RPGs in order to get away from the feeling that games are just thinly veiled spreadsheets. I didn't mind the combat, and thought the dialogue was very well written. However, I feel the narrative designers of the game were making the same rookie mistake that many new novelists do, where protagonists only exist in order to be carried through their idea of a good story, rather than actually being part of it. When your main character turns into a 'convenient plot device', it's usually bad. That's where I'm at right now, and I'm still waiting for any kind of feeling of wanting to pick it up again. I have a few companion quests, WM part 2, and the content after the "point of no return" left. I really liked the game, but I did not have those commitment issues while re-playing BG2 before PoE release. As an ending note, I want to mention that I approach games very differently now than I used to. Few, if any, can hold my attention for long. I don't get that same hype, or warm feeling in my stomach, that I did as a kid when going into a world of adventure. I found myself putting it down and picking up a good book a number of times. This makes me chalk down most of my misgivings with PoE to just having changed as a person, not that it was a bad game. It did, after all, hold my attention for more hours than any other game in many years.
  2. I'm interested in getting some info on the design. I'm very much expecting something that would match the paper box of PoE I have standing on my shelf.
  3. Just want to add my thoughts on the "ships log" and littering of NPCs. I would hope people have learned from the memorials and backer NPCs of PoE1 and will shy away from feeling like they have to put a mark of their own inside the game. It can be neat, but horrible when tens of thousands of people all feel the need to do it. As we've seen. I'd suggest trying to make sure this collaborative effort designs something that would actually fit into Eora, rather than seeing it as a cheap opportunity to force your own touch onto it. Immersion in PoE1 was fragile at best due to all of the highlighted things that you needed to avoid clicking.
  4. Josh did respond a massive amount during PoE1 development on these boards. Especially during some of the crusades. I like seeing the devs spread out over multiple forums, sort of a "diversify your investments" kind of thing.
  5. I'm in Stormwall Gorge, and whenever I run across an enemy combat starts, then they just stand there, doing nothing. I have a save file if that helps?
  6. I found gold in the treasury once, but never again since that time, and I've sent npcs on missions several times.
  7. It might be a good idea to support the budding modding community by giving them an official place to discuss mods and their creation. Maybe?
  8. I did this quest earlier today and didn't get the cut scene. Unfortunately I have no save for it, I knew I missed something as I was on mumble with my friends when I finished it, and decided I didn't really care. Is there any way to fix this in post? BG2 has console commands for every possible quest state (or maybe that was only with the fixpack?), does Pillars have anything similar that I could use to set the quest state?
  9. I'll describe the issue quickly, and if it hasn't already been reported I'll upload save files etc. I summoned a creature that has abilities, and when I save/reloaded in the area I summoned it, its abilities doubled (instead of 3 abilities, it had 6, each other one being a duplicate). The summon also doesn't expire, travels with me through areas, and persists after resting.
  10. It was made abundantly clear early on that the Backer beta (as compared to the internal beta) would only be a slice of the game, spoiler free, due to the difficulty of enforcing NDA on thousands of backers, not to mention that piracy is a thing.
  11. My feedback: of all the game development cycles I've taken an active interest in, this has by far been the best and most involving one. I did stop posting on the forum during the later parts of development, though, due to the flood of entitled brats thinking dropping $20 on a kickstarter makes a shareholder/product owner.
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