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  1. Nah Gaun's Pledge is the ring I mentioned in OP. That's ONE of the rewards. There's a DIFFERENT one listed, he was right: that is the cloak.
  2. See, getting Osric's Armor is what locked me out of the other two factions. This is what baffled me. Maybe it was just a bug on my end.
  3. I did not see that during my playthrough, and I was reading text fairly religiously. Maybe they patched it, or maybe for some reason I never got that prompt.
  4. The issue isn't being able to progress through factions simultaneously (though, it does make sense that you would be able to play a double-agent style of character and do so. What makes everyone automatically aware of what I'm doing with everyone else? I can see it requiring certain attributes, but it's not like games haven't allowed us to do this sort of thing before.) This issue is there is no indication that you are progressing with a faction in such a way which will exclude you from progressing with other factions. It doesn't even seem that way in the context of the game via role play, which is how it really SHOULD be indicated. This is not something which needs to be dumbed down, and it's not a learning issue. It's a design issue... and suggesting that the "fix" is "play again and progress with another faction" just demonstrates that you have no idea what you're talking about. Also, you're a ****ing ****.
  5. Thank you. I always completely forget about that cloak because it's the first thing on my list of "early game sell-fodder," and doesn't actually do anything. But cool, thank you for clearing this up.
  6. So, I just ran into this: I had activated a lot of quests around Defiance Bay and started running around turning them in. Story-wise, you are made aware of conflict between the three factions, but they don't really make it clear that you reach a point of no return wherein you side with one of them, just by completing intro quests. Not only that, but how far you have to go into completing quests before you hit that point where the other factions associate you as an "outsider, aligned with the enemy" varies by faction. I had actually completed all three of the prereqs for the factions at the same time, went and turned them in - in order of convenience / relative to my current location - and found out after turning the 2nd one in that they wouldn't let me advance further simply due to a mistake in the order the quests were given. No option to take it back, no option to forswear my "loyalties" to the other faction, even though I'd done exactly the same amount of work for them as this other guy I'm talking to 20 minutes later, nothing. Just, "you already work for them, you are clearly conflicted with our interests, see you later." Complete lockout. No warning. I'd revert to a previous save, but this just seems like poor design. I generally like playing opposing factions off one another, so I'd like to have the option to progress with each of them and play the infiltrator role. But more than that, if I have to commit to a side, why not tell me before it's done with? Instead of the commitment being "hey go do this for me as a favor," have it be a bit more like a gang-initiation. Have it be more than retrieving a piece of armor and getting jumped in the street for my trouble. Have it be more than stealing something from a neighbor's house. Have it be more than freaking delivering a message including some notes on how to do something you were already planning to do anyway, and getting jumped by the people trying to kill the original messenger. None of these are acts which indicate collaboration with a faction, any of them could have been simple goodwill or easy money. None demonstrate loyalty, but all of the factions seem to think they do. I want a way to make that choice more obvious to the player, to avoid putting a player in the situation I found myself in: stuck, tied to the Dozens whose ideology I do not agree with from the role-play perspective of my character, and unable to do anything about it save reload. I realize there's no huge impact on gameplay except a few sidequests, but it breaks my immersion and it steals my ability to play the game the way I'd like to.
  7. Note: this is reproduceable. Started a new game in 1.03, played to this point, same issue. Doesn't seem to be anything I'm doing...
  8. So, I backed the Kickstarter. The game shows the DLCs on Steam. One is "Backer ITEM and Achievement" the other is "Pre-order Item and Pet." I know the pre-order item is the Ring that is 2/day Endurance regen, and the pet is the space pig. What is the BACKER item? I still have not seen this in-game.
  9. I uh. I'm not sure if you want help here. But I had a *LOT* more luck vs shades when I boosted my accuracy a bit on my dps characters, and improved my tactics a tiny bit - maintaining a good frontline makes a HUGE difference. (You can do it in a way that your casters won't aggro the Shades if you send your tanks ahead and out of sight range of the Shades.)
  10. I would also be okay with this. While achievements are not important to me, and while I strongly disagree with the entire mentality that places value upon them, it would not bother me if it was changed... again, because they're unimportant to me. But I can see the other side of it here. Imagine a KS backer who DOES care about achievements. Losing this might matter to them. So I think it's a hard call.
  11. It was attainable. It isn't anymore. This is not the same as being unattainable. Evidence: people have attained it. People dislike not receiving credit for something they did not do at the time? Sorry guys. Hate to break it to you, but sometimes you miss out on opportunities. Not really worth stressing over, but I can't stop you.
  12. Yes. I backed and don't care about achievements. If I could I'd happily give the dude mine, since it completely doesn't matter to me.
  13. As title says, since 1.03 the cage cursor feature now sometimes applies a cage when alt-tabbing, sticking your cursor within the active window. I can reproduce it by alt-tabbing, but it is *not* consistent, and I cannot determine what the conditions are to make it happen or not happen, except that cage cursor must be active. Will update if I find a pattern. FYI: Workaround involves manually alt-tabbing to another [different] active window.
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