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  1. wow your name is almost the main characters name which lots of people have called generic. Congrats
  2. bugs seem worring but that wasn't the final build and thety should be going through de-bugging now. fingers crossed i really do think this game could be great
  3. wow there's so much more polish this is looking so god dam good
  4. lol still it was funny how you just rifled off answers to all his complaints like that
  5. those are some stupid complaints. this is an RPG not a third person shooter. if this game was just about shooting then it would look mediocre but its all about the experience. i would recomend MW2 if you want a shooter
  6. thanks for the info. thats soo cool vetern mode sounds good too its so original. this actually effects how you will play the game not like in most games where hard just means bullets are more powerful
  7. its still alpha hortys I hope the animations will improve
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