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  1. If its a typical publisher does only marketing and distribution while developer uses own expenses for game development, its probably 50/50 or 60/40. But again this is based on my experience with mobile games model. Could be different for this kind of publishing.
  2. Cthulhu horror will be great. Though it works best by not being very specific in the lore similar to Dark Souls and Demon Souls for it to work very well.
  3. This setting. Mostly untouched, unexplored, loads of potential.
  4. Dev can and should once in a while have fun designing their own games. Adds in loads of personality into it. Remember Ribsmasher?
  5. Personally, I like for them to explore the Victorian setting similar to Arcanum but minus the non-subtle magic. What I would like is an atmosphere comparable to Sherlock Holmes setting intertwined with Cthulhu mythos. You gather investigators to unravel mysteries of the occult that leads to go against the unexplainable and the unbelievable. And you are equipped only with utilising the era's firearms, clues and information, traditional gypsie charms, and whatever relics and runes uncovered from the mystery. Basically, Elder Signs the true RPG.
  6. Plus you can use tanks, Dreadnaughts, Terminators. Good times. Imagine if the entire gameplay is managed like JA2.
  7. As much as I want to say something nice about the music... I'm just not feeling anything for it. It feels bland. It needs a more distinct melody.
  8. JA-Style tactical RPG is possible. At least, the combat portion was done before in Warhammer 40K: Chaos Gate.
  9. Pretty sure if its easily done, Obsidian would had done it a long time ago instead of using original IP. Feargie knows the estimated number needed behind every proposed project. Anyway. 2 cents.
  10. Sure. Making an RPG game with proper depth like Pillars of Eternity is far more time consuming, more expensive than a simplified "borehammer" gameplay meant for mobile games that could be made within a year. The cost isn't justifiable and you're pretty much better off making original IPs instead.
  11. Many game companies would love to have their hands on the 40K license. In previous interviews with Obsidian, Obsidian did express strong interest in making games for 40K. The main hurdle is licensing cost, publisher's interest and what sort of RPG should be made out of it. A Mass Effect like RPG? Unlikely as it will carry a budget cost of AAA titles. Wastleland 2 quality? Maybe. But again it depends on the licensing cost, which should not be cheap considering Games Workshop is very protective of their property. Just hope Obsidian's PE will be a success, and one day Games Workshop migh
  12. As mentioned in the other thread, creating a World in Conflict clone would seem far better. You get infantry and air units, plus making them upgradable and customisable.
  13. So. A World of Tanks clone? I rather hope it would be a World in Conflict Clone with upgradable / customizable units.
  14. Red tea with brandy

  15. In what way is this even remotely "fun?" Its not the exact cooking mini-game as Dragon's Crown. Minus all the button smashing. Just an optional food allocation system that could grant bonus. Its more of the concept of food distribution during rest at camp similar to Expeditions: Conquistador, or eating food in Fallout New Vegas, which you receive temporary bonus (Or penalties) for a duration of time in the game depending on what kind of food was allocated to the party member. I'm not referring to cooking mama style.
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