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  1. I always thought that Obsidian will bring us RPG with name Warhammer 40.000: Inquisitor, but I was wrong. http://www.ign.com/articles/2015/07/15/new-warhammer-40000-action-rpg-announced?utm_source=IGN%20hub%20page&utm_medium=IGN%20%28front%20page%29&utm_content=8&utm_campaign=Blogroll WTF is wrong with them that they are still unable to get their hands on Warhammer licence?!?
  2. Another day and another new W40K game that is NOT RPG by Obsidian. http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2015/02/25/dark-nexus-arena/#more-272831 They are giving it to everyone so why not to Obsidian for next kickstarter?
  3. Because I live in Europe getting physical rewards from backed Kickstarter projects have been the worst part of the whole experience. So I would prefer to get everything at once.
  4. Hm, so no new IP? I probably won´t be backer then.
  5. Another game based on W40K franchise announced: http://www.gamewatcher.com/news/2015-16-01-space-rts-battlefleet-gothic-armada-takes-the-40k-franchise-to-the-stars So when we will finally get RPG from world of W40k? Preferably by Obsidian.
  6. So MAC build. Anyone was able to launch it? It shows Pillars of Eternity icon for like one second and then nothing. No game, no error, nothing. Any idea what to do?
  7. 1.500.000 starting goal. Not only multi million kickstarters aren't over, the final budget is going higher and higher with each big name game. Care to elaborate? Only kickstarter for game that got more then one milion this year was Kingdom Come. And it was such sucess because they had sh*tload of things to show.
  8. So what should be goal of next kickstarter? To me it looks like the times of multi million game kickstarters are over. Do you think Obsidian will be interested in smaller amount of pledge money? Let´s say 500k ?
  9. As it turned out, no it wasn´t. That it is why I hope Obsidian will try to get money for similar, well known IP, that is NOT generic fantasy D&D rip-off.
  10. I hope not. It was ok to play it safe for the first time and that is why we are getting Pillars of Eternity. But for the second kickstarter I expect them to man up an try something more unusual. Like inExile with Torment.
  11. These f*ckers are also trying something funny. Working on second game instead of one that was kickstarted? Why not. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/829559023/confederate-express/posts/911522
  12. They were saying something about a licensed IP.So I hope i will be a SciFi setting. And I dream it will be Warhammer 40K.
  13. I thought you were talking about cost of licence not about cost of potential production of whole RPG gmae. When I see what a load of crap is now produced under Warhammer 40K name, licence alone can't be that expensive. Kickstarter for RPG from this universe would be a goldmine. I know they probably want to use Kickstarter to create a new IP that Obsidian would own from begining again but clearly they are desperate for money (Free2Play tanks) so it would be safer to bet on existing universe wit such a huge fanbase that is desperate for good,not mindblowing, just good, game.
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