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  1. I'd hazard to add Torment: Tides Of Numenera to that list, seeing as how you're willing to include Star Wars as sci-fi, when Star Wars is really science fantasy. What new ground could Obsidian cover with a new science fiction franchise, though? Developing a new setting takes time and dedication. Having dabbled with the subject, I find it to be rather hard, as the setting is supposed to provide good narrative hooks, etc. I didn't know about that one so thanks for the info. Also i know that it is hard creating a whole universe from nothing but i'm confident that i will pay of, i mean ju
  2. I loved every Obsidian game with Kotor 2 as my favorite, i'm also a huge fan of Sci-Fi games. I think that Obsidian should make a original Sci-Fi RPG for the following reasons: 1.) There are lots of Sci-Fi fans and not so many good Sci-Fi RPGs 2.) Because of Kotor 2 Obsidian has experience in making Sci-Fi RPGs 3.) Aside from the new Star Ocean, Xenoblade Chronicles X and the new Mass Effect i dont see many more new Sci-Fi RPGs released any time soon so there should be damand So what do you guys think ?
  3. I would like to see Obsidian make a RPG with the gameplay like that in The Last Remnant
  4. Or you can do it like me and consider this mod for KOTOR 2 as the real KOTOR 3 http://www.moddb.com/mods/revenge-of-revan
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