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  1. I posted my problem in the AMD forums, and apparently im not the only one that has this problem. All the people that has an ATi card gets this problem with the new drivers. The only way for this problem to get fixed is to report it. The higher the people that gets the issue, the higher the priority for the ati driver team to fix it . So i ask you (the ones that have an ati card AND using the new drivers) to go to this forum topic i created (it reports the problem with more detail) and report the problem: http://forums.amd.com/game/messageview.cfm...p;enterthread=y Or you could just go directly to the Catalyst Crew Feedback: http://support.ati.com/ics/survey/survey.a...86&type=web It probably gets more impact if you do both, since there are a lot of ATi Drivers Beta Testers that reads the forum topics and comunicate with the ati team. Its not hard and it doesnt take much time, so please do it. Thanks
  2. I forgot to specify my processor I have a Pentium 4 3.0Ghz FSB800 HT.
  3. Hello everyone! Im having a bit of a problem with my KotOR's . Everytime I use some of the special powers something weird happens to my screen, like strange lines and stuff (i searched the forums and its related to the frame buffer effects option). I read somewhere in the bioware forums that we could use the file (atioglxx.dll) of an older catalyst driver (7.11 seems to be the latest STABLE for kotors) and copy it to the directory of the game. I done that but the problem is, after that i can't get in to the game, it says that i need OpenGL 1.4 or higher . I had the impression that catalyst 7.11 has opengl 2.1 installed, AND support for the HD38xx series aswell . My System: Motherboard -> MSI 865PE Neo-2 P series BIOS -> 3.A (Latest) Memory -> 2.5 Gb DDR Graphics Card -> Sapphire Radeon HD3850 AGP 512MB GDDR3 Driver Installed -> ATi Catalyst 8.12 (AGP HotFix) Sound Card -> Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS Hard Disk -> 120Gb - 81.3 Free Space OS -> Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3 (all updates) DirectX -> DirectX 9.0c (November 2008) I know that people say that this graphics card is crap and such, well i have it and it runs every other game fine (crysis, bioshock, neverwinter nights 2) with almost every setting on max and still get good FPS.
  4. Did you use cheats or KSE to change your and/or your companions atributes (strenght, wisdom, etc)?
  5. That one to. The only regret( disapointed way) of the games I bought is TSL and bought Kotor 1, Battlefront, Jedi Academy, Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast and I even bought Battle for Naboo for my 8 year old cousin.
  6. Battlefront 2 will probably the only game I would actually buy without regret.
  7. If you just change the skills, force powers and feats your companions influence won't change.
  8. And probably not going to be the last of them.
  9. About the Redemption quest it's definitly a bugged quest. I tried to completed in different ways but no luck. The only solution is not to show to others that you're a jedi.
  10. "lolol" That's what I thought. I don't believe it either. But as I was saying this delay just make no sense to me. They don't have to fix anything, is just improve quality in movies and music. It shouldn't be hard for them to make it and to release it.
  11. I think I read somewhere on this forum that Lucasarts have been lying to customers, I don't know if that's true so don't ask me where I saw that because I won't be abble to tell you. Is this true?
  12. I don't dislike the game, on the contrary, it's a very good game. But it's just seems poor a game like this have Low-Definition Movies and bad quality Music. Maybe it's just me but I don't think it's hard for Obsidian and Lucasarts to make the patch and then release it.
  13. For now I'm concerning about TSL (about the damn Movie/Music patch and the restoration project wich is great). About other games in future, well, I just really, really, really hope that Kotor 3 (if it's going to exist) not be so buggy. This includes the other games, of course.
  14. If you're right metadigital ( and I know you are) then is just a matter of time to people "abandon" lucasarts games.
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