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  1. damn, oh well thanks <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Its there because if you go dark side, that is where hanharr runs out to meet you and ally with you when you go to visquis's meeting., of course light side you get mira. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I didn't mean that hidden room, the area appears to run from the door next to the flophouse enterance to the door on the left as you enter Vogga's area. The door to Mira/Hanharrs hideout at least lets you select it and then tells you it's magnetically sealed
  2. I've played on Nar Shadaa already and just outside Vogga's place there's an area that you can't get to, don't even get an option to open the doors but on the map there looks to be an area there has anyone gotten in there?
  3. has anyone been able to get into the tomb on Korriban when playing the dark side? I tried and was told I need to be stronger but my stats were the same as when I was playing a LS char another thing is that Kreia won't let me into the prestige classes on DS and I was lvl 16,am I doing something wrong? thank
  4. I don't know if anyone has gotten it yet or not but KSE_309 is availible for DL here http://www.starwarsknights.com/tools.php
  5. if no one minds me asking how did y'all get the high dmg totals particularly on the one that 23-51? so far I used two one my char Lightsaber 1: Ultima Pearl Solari Crystal Adegan Lens Expert Fencing Emmiter Ultimate Diatium energy cell damage: energy 16-45, Bludgoning +1-8 vs. dark side, Crit 19-20, X2 +1-6, Attack modifier +6 Lightsaber 2: Dacen Krail crystal (from crystal cave) Solari crystal Adegen Lens Expert Fencing Emmiter Ultimate Diatium energy cell Damage: energy 14-43, Bludgoning +9-16 vs. dark side, damage bonus +4 lightside, Crit 19-20
  6. yeah that's what I've been doing but it's kinda annoying to have to type in all the stuff and then have to remember the upgrades to your items, I mean I want to keep my Mandalorian heavy repeater that deal 11 - 62 (I belive it was) oh well thanks
  7. is it possible to transfer items from one save game to another? I was going to start a new game playing as a dark side char an wanted to know if it was possible and if so which files do you copy? thanks
  8. ah ok thanks alot, I saw the xbox version of the guide the day I pick up the game but the salesperson said it was different,maybe additional lvls or something thanks again
  9. is there a guide for KOTOR2 PC version? I know there is a Prima guide for the xbox version and I was looking for a pc version if it's out there
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