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  1. The highest damage total i got for my light saber was 20-43. Any one else get higher than that?
  2. I assume you have an ati, i ran to the same problem heres the link to fix itBug fix
  3. Right now i'm sporting a double blade lightsaber with 11-33 damage. What are your damage for lightsabers? Meaning on equip screen whats your damage total for your saber? And what is the highest possible and how do you get that combination? On kotor 1 the highest damage i got was 9-24.
  4. Hey your welcome to give talking to the handmaids a shot, i didn't. I read that your not suppose to fight them or do the training. So i just didn't talk to them, there is no need to talk with them anyway
  5. Dude don't be a moron i was just trying to help people out. If i didn't say what i said the fix want work. Okay
  6. I found away to stop the black screen of death after telos-secret academy. First you need to disable movies on your config screen. Then you have to do this Bug fix, after doing this you load your autosave when you get on telos-secret academy. Then you have to not do anything with the handmaids, no training or fighting. Then go to ebon hawk and board. It worked for me i hope it works for you guys. Laslty i did run into some problems loading but i eventually succeed in advances threw the stage Note i have an ati 9600xt Also you can put all your settings back- shadow, vysync etc Upda
  7. I've just gotten done with everything on Telos-secret academy and when i get in the ebon hawk to leave i get the cut scenes and then i'm back on the ebon hawk but i can't do anything because there is a freaking black screen and thats it. Please Help, I'm freaking pissed about this!!!! I did save beforehand, after i beat the haidmaid and for some reason i can't get anyone to go along with me thats in my party its like i'm in solo mode but i can't turn it off to get my party with me.
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