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  1. I don't know about you guys but SW battlefront is a favorate game of mine like the KOTOR games. If you were to combine the story of KOTOR to the gamplay of BattleFront you could get a first person view of how the fighting in both the Mandalorian and Jedi Civil wars. I think that would be a fun way to experiance the many battles spoken of in the KOTOR games. Well i just wanted to throw the idea at you guys and see what you think. *If anything there should be a game about the Mandalorian Wars*
  2. What is this was the hk factory rebuilt? can you do that to other missing things?
  3. I was wondering if the Echani had any history in starwars I mean are they a creation used only in the KOTOR games?
  4. I can't believe that KOTOR II got two developers choice awards?!!?! Do the people who run those things realize that the game is incomplete!!?! Do they even play the games?!!??? As a matter of fact did the people in OE and LA play the game fully?? Did they think they could get away with that WTF ending?? Is there a plan to sell an expansion pack??? Do they want to lose both valuable consumers and their money?? Did they think of the consequences? Will you buy another OE game after that? From my experiance working at a Video Game store I get an average of two games returned a week.
  5. It seems I am not alone. I thought I was screwing up on the influence. Too bad there is no way to see how much influence you have over a party member. May OE will fix this with the patch they claim to be working on.
  6. On Peragus when I access holo-records of Corta at the lift I can see both the dead bodies of the crew on the floor and my character. It is a bug I am sure but I have never seen anyone complain about problems like this. I f anyone else experiances this please let me know so I don't feel I have a game more messed up then the rest.
  7. Is it normal for your NPC's to go between very dark side and very light side depnding on where you are or if you level up? Example: on Telos in one area atton is always DS but in another he is LS or if i level up my character another character instantly changes alignment. Is this a glitch or a normal part of the game play i can control?
  8. I finished secret acedemy for the first time. When I board the Ebon Hawk a cutscene plays where a handmaiden says to Atris that the last one is missing. After that when I'm supposed to be in the Ebon Hawk the screen is blank. If I press the Esc key all the options appear. The map is blank and if I press Esc again the screen goes blank.
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