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  1. I didn't get around to complete the quest given to you by the TSF guy to find the two escaped fugitives when I was on the surface of Telos...now, I still have this stupid quest in my journal and I can't seem to finish it now since I can't head back to the surface of Telos. Is there anyway I can complete this stupid quest instead of having to start over? I guess you're supposed to encounter them talking to the Czerka chick first before you find them on the surface of Telos but for some reason after istalling this patch i've been having some problems here and there with my game that I didn't have prior to the installment of the patch.
  2. I cannot find the variable wat is it?
  3. Has anyone else got this bug where you are UNABLE to the final swoop race time which is 43.01? I keep beating the swoop race time and the squid face guy keeps telling me I'll never be a good swoop racer if I can't even finish the race. Im not forfeiting the race and i keep getting this same message from him. I want the credits!!
  4. These 2 Force Powers are different right? I chose Sith Lord as my Prestige class so that I can get Force Crush but instead i got Crush Opposition. Force Crush does 100+ dmg right? All crush opposition does is lower will saves and something else? How do i get Force Crush?
  5. I turned him right after leaving Telos and heading to Dantooine. I thought it was a glitch after his face turned all black and with squiggly lines. How can I train him to become a Jedi?
  6. Oh and also, what level should i STOP leveling up Handmaiden so that she can become a JEdi?
  7. I think i gained influence quickly with her because when Attan says you can stay in the storage area, i said that there is more than enough room in the crew quarters? My last game I didn't say that and she didn't trust me at all.
  8. I read in a walkthrough that to turn handmainden to DS/LS or to teach her to become a Jedi, you have to beat her 3 times in a duel? I didn't even duel her yet and her image already changed and now she has black eye shadow around her eyes and wears a black robe. So basically what I did was turned her towards the dark side? Can i turn her more as I progress in the game?
  9. I recently started over. I just got out of the Telos Underground Jedi Base and back to the Ebon Hawk. I talked to the Handmaiden and last time I played, she wouldn't speak of how she looked different from the other Handmiaden sisters but this time she trusted me and wanted to tell me, eventually i got into a dialogue with her saying that she wanted to serve me and all of a sudden her image changed and she now wears a black robe, does this mean that my character is attempting to turn her to the dark side? If this is true does this mean i can turn other NPC's/Allies to the dark side?
  10. I'm still in Nar Shadda. At lvl 19, i keep getting dialogue where she keeps telling me i need to explore more of the galaxy..i flippin cant get the dialogue...I more towards dark side but not really close to the end, is that why?
  11. Im LVL 19 Jedi Sentinel and i was wondering how to upgrade to a prestige class. I read from many walkthroughs that you need to be lvl 15 or 16 and MUST choose a prestige class at those levels? I talked to Kreia at lvl 19 and i can't seem to find the diologue to upgrade my character to a prestige class. Please can someone help me.
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