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  1. I actually got the best time twice on citadel, but it said I didn't complete the race...man was I pissed off. I noticed the "dead pad" thing too, but it really only seemed to happen if I had just "switched gears" so to speak.
  2. Are you actually knocking anime...on a game forum? Anime has value...not all anime, but some of it is good on surprising levels (not an anime fanboy, though I do rather enjoy some of it, but I dislike people knocking things without experiencing them) Anyway, while I don't think the Odyssey is the basis of Kotorii, drabek did a decent job of tying them together and making comparisons. Anyway, I'm sure Kotor2 has elements of many literary references, as most works of fiction are simply rehashes anyway.
  3. That is one possible path. Maybe if you let mandalore recruit enuff Madalorians during the game you could have gotten a differen't ending. So are you saying that the best out come you can get is a slow 1000 year death compared to some shorter time line? I am just curious. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I don't actually *know*, but I'm pretty sure that would have been a constant. You really can't change what happens in the films after all. (in case u were wondering what the hell im talking about, jango fett was a mandalorian, the last one i *think*) And it wasn't 1000years...she s
  4. Shoddy plot...what? An unfinished plot in many regards, sure, but shoddy? Yes there are a lot things that aren't spelled out well at the end, but almost all of those could have been simply time constraints. But I disagree with shoddy. I was enthralled throughout...and that is important. Yes it took me out of the game some because there were points where I had to go "how the heck did i get here, did i miss something?" But the plot tied everything together. I continue to look at the game as if it was unfinished, because it certainly looks that way.
  5. Oh that drove me insane...especially in the couple of instances where you had to respond to something that you couldn't even see...yuck. EDIT:lol i had to fix a spelling error go figure.
  6. Wow, someone praising Obsidian...that's been rare lately. I agree, though I can't help but feel sad, because what had the potential to be one of the best games I have ever played fell into the role of a good game because of bugs and unfullfilled side plots.
  7. Yet another thing cut/unfinished due to time constraints. It's rather sad.
  8. I voted revan simply because revan was a leader, vader was a follower. It's pretty simple. In a direct confrontation, vader is more powerful. But if it came to a war, vader would lose, plain and simple. There weren't any real stipulations on the voting criteria, so I went with who I thought would be stronger. Revan would be smart enough to not fight vader directly, as he would know that was vader's strength.
  9. I haven't really seen her in anything in a long time...she may or may not be good, she doesn't really look the part(the handmaiden has really aristocratic features) but if she can act the part, it makes up of a lot. (and ur right, she isn't too skinny, which is a plus...most younger actresses are way too skinny...there are a few exceptions, but not many. By younger, I mean under 25)
  10. Wait, you've managed to get PS:T running on a modern machine? Tell me how, I haven't been able to play that game for years.
  11. That's why it would be funny, a ton of people would run out and pay for a game...a game they should have gotten the first time, but are willing to pay extra for to get.
  12. It would be funny that if in a couple months they came out with a "director's cut" like movies are doing now.
  13. Exile: Clive Owen (depends on how the role was written) Kreia: Sara Kestelman (this is the actually voice actress, I looked her up, she totally looks the part) though Judi Dench would be cool too Mira: Hillary Swank Atton: Ryan Reynolds Handmaiden: Milla Jovovich (maybe, she's getting a little old for the part though) Mandalore: Kurt Russel HK47: Steve Buscemi G0T0: original voice actor i guess Visas: Kelly Hu One thing I've noticed is that people keep selecting people whose faces look the part, and whose voices match the part, but for these roles, you need
  14. I'm not going to say that it isn't Obsidian's fault...because I don't know...but keep in mind Obsidian is a fledgeling company, and LA is a monster publisher. It could have just been LA saying, we want this game out in February, and Obsidian says that they need another couple of months...LA says no, what do you do? You can't exactly default on the contract. It could have been Obsidian screwing up too, but I don't suggest you give up on a developer simply because they have a shaky start and don't make a sequel that is as good as the 'game of the year' in many publications. Granted, there
  15. People keep saying things like "a jedi is married to his/her lightsaber", but you aren't a jedi...ur an exile. I RPed the whole thing to the end that I wasn't a jedi...the jedi had cast me out. I wasn't sith either...I was simply a light side force user who was trying to help the galaxy. Granted, you don't have to RP that the whole time, but at the beginning of the game, u are not a jedi, pretty much anyway you RP it, and if your character thinks he/she is, then the character is deluding his/herself.
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