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  1. you live on in my heart and when I'm gassy

  2. Tricky - Black Steel Pretty cool re-imagining of Public Enemy's "Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos." The music's great, but I kind of wish they did all the verses from the original.
  3. Same. My first guess was pornstar-- really, look at that name! Well, I do remember some stories about the fact that.. uhm.. he was well-endowed... but no, that wasn't his profession. He was a damn' good artist, and that's coming from someone who's never been a fan of Type O Negative. R.I.P. Pete, the musical scene will miss you very much. I'm pretty sure he actually posed for Playgirl. And all the goth girls swooned. The thing that really separated Type O Negative from all the other doom n' gloom black metal bands out there was the sly wit and black humor of their lyr
  4. So you left Black Francis lyrics, instead.


  5. I'm not going to leave any Karen O lyrics here. But I will drop by to say "hey."

  6. These kids and their mall-core. Sheesh.

  7. Here's a song I've been listening to a lot lately. The band is from America's Hat and they got Michael Cera to star in their video, so they must be cool! Islands -
  8. Price: 160 BioWare Points. Jack: Can't see ****, Commander! Jeeeeesus, you have to be kidding me. They should have put the duct tape over her mouth instead, amirite? /actually thought Jack was a decent character Oh, and it looks like Garrus finally got that armor patched up.
  9. My two cents: In open-world games that allow you to go anywhere right away, scaling is bad news. If the game allows me to storm the Big Bad's castle at level 2, that's fine. My little adventuring party should get totally eviscerated, though, to let us know just how much better we're going to have to get to succeed. Most games circumvent this by giving the player a not-so-subtle push toward quests/assignments more suited for their level, i.e. "Oh no, my basement! There are rats everywhere!" Would you rather have a system in which if you skipped that particular quest and came back a
  10. Seconded. "Would you be an outlaw for my love?"
  11. How can someone with a cowboy avatar not be looking forward to Red Dead Redemption!? Heh, I missed the first one. But I remember thinking it looked intriguing. I don't have as much time or money for gaming these days, so I keep my focus narrow.
  12. Mass Effect 3. And that's it, really. Although I'm tempted to buy the fancy new Xbox Live versions of the Monkey Island games.
  13. That does sound fantastic. I love me some N.O. jazz. Ryan Adams - Cannonball Days
  14. Nice work GD, but I think you swung and missed on one division. The Mariners are going to win the AL West this year. The moves they've made are in perfect accord with post-steroid era baseball's emphasis on pitching and defense. They won't score a ton of runs, but they will win a bunch of games.
  15. Sentinel is fun. That was the class I chose for my first playthrough, as I was concerned about staying alive but wanted more flexibility than a soldier provides. The sentinel's tech armor really helps a lot with the "staying alive" part. I'll bet it's better than the protection-type of bonus powers (barrier, fortification, geth shield). It has an unlimited time duration, so if you make good use of cover you can actually activate it once and have it last the entire mission. Even if you play more aggressively, the armor always lasts longer than its cooldown, so you can generally reactivate i
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