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  1. Lots of things have happened since the time I read that the same guys who made Planescape:Torment are going make a sequel Knights of the Old Republic, and i signed up to see what the fuzz is all about. Best of luck in the future.
  2. What Ben is trying to say is that if he was in charge we would have the right kind communism. Why do all these faux communists behave like the aristocracy that they claim to hate?
  3. Are a religious person or is he just Satan to reason? As for the other paragraph, care elaborate how?
  4. KSA and his homies are mad for the Qatar boys chilling with the Muslim brotherhood and according to Wikileaks, supporting Al-Nusra in Syria, all while somehow being friendly with Iran. All while the Saudi-sponsored ISIS boys blow up some **** in Iran where the Persians blame the US by proxy as they see them and Mossad doing the funding and training indirectly. All while the US has 10k men stationed in Qatar, Turkey thinks that is not enough and send some of their own personel. Then there's the Russians. The world makes perfect sense today.
  5. I like how the arguments made by those who try to show an image of being more dignified than most being nothing more than of the same kindergarten sandbox quality. "Your president soooo dumb" indeed. So fellas, what's up with Qatar? Has Trump given the green-light to the other gulf-states to invade?
  6. What? I am talking about society in general, not you. I am talking about getting that inner beast unleashed and fight back actively, however small it might be. Like this guy: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/london-bridge-terror-attack-fk-****-you-im-millwall-hero-roy-larner-football-fan-lion-of-london-a7775246.html
  7. The comparison was the targeting of the Muslim population in Europe, as a scapegoat for the actions of other, but read it as you will. I want troops of the Middle East as well, although instead of a wall (because history really proves how effective that is) we would gain a lot more with respectful trade, where we have a possibility to influence their politics by enriching their middle class - rather than only empowering their elite. And that last part really shows your colors buddy, well done.. That's basically the marching tune of all fascist regimes "my actions are the only morally correct, anyone who disagrees is morally corrupt, disgusting and despicable" .. well done. Trade will always happen in way or the other, it has been that way since man crawled out of the slime. As for the rest, what is your argument really? That self-prevelation fascism? Love ISIS' hate?
  8. Several Jewish groups of the 1910s, 20s and 30s, inspired by communism, in opposition to aggressive conservative governments of the time, annoyed with their minority treatment and the lack of progress from the world powers, committed a minor string of terrorists attacks in GB, France and Germany - bombings, stabbings, killings.. But coupled with the financial distress of the time, their actions quickly became mainstream news. It created a very lucrative target for politicians of the day, who saw that the actions of radical leftwing Jews could be used to even target nationalists right wing conservatives - and their hold on the financial institutes.. As long as they simply shared religion and outwards ethnicity. It created a common enemy, from Scotland to Vienna, someone which the disenfranchised poor (always the target of both left, right, black and white terrorism) could blame for all their problems. Until someone took it too far.. Godwin's law often prevent this comparison, but it is extremely relevant, because it shows just how powerful scapegoatism is as a political tool. You should be angry and you're certainly allowed to be hateful - but take that anger out on those who are the cause of this - and that's not your neighbor. It's not even ISIS.. Your hate is wasted on the symptom and they're yet another sad symptom of Wahhabism.. And Wahhabism is funded, fueled and exported by European and American money and our dangerous reliance on the petrodollar economy. As long as we keep bombing the middle east AND fund the people in Saudia Arabia training these terrorist, then its never ever gonna end. We've had 15! years of war in that region, with ever decreasing civil rights, more police, more control and more bombs.. are we safer? Do you feel safer? No? then why do you think getting more of this will make it better? The radical jews (who still exist today but are now positions of power in Israel instead of insurgance groups), are insular and follow a non-expansive doctrine. To compare them to Sunni/Wahabbi/Salafist-Islam then is disingenuous at best, as they do not share the same ethos at all. I want the troops out of the middle east (Saudi included), build a wall around it, and deploy minefields in the mediterranean. I want action, not sending the next generation of children to the slaughter for a virtue signalling concert to prove to your coward selves that you are not hating. Utterly disgusting and despicable.
  9. The core message of salvation in christianity is personal regret and asking forgiveness for your sins. The core message of salvation in Islam is to kill unbelievers in the name of islam and your sins are forgiven. I do need some of that regret right now because all i feel is pure unadultared hatred. I am far from the only one.
  10. No need to make a fictional story, the guy is already president.
  11. Pfeh, sunnis can **** off back to kaaba, they are the ones causing a disaster everywhere they go as they dwelve into wahabism and salafism, all funded by KSA across almost all mosques in the EU. Ally yourself with the ones who have already figured out that all this Jihad holy war, pray five times a day, killing all who commit apostasies, doing pilgrimages to mecca and alike is horse****. They exist already, they are called Alevites, Yazedis and to some degree Sufis. The sunnis are the nazis of Islam. Too bad they are the majority let in.
  12. If he only had gotten some pills then he would've painted much better. I have derailed long enough, carry on.
  13. Or you could shut down the Saudis and Israel. I see that you're playing the game of realpolitik in hard mode, i like it. 'Hello sir, are you a muslim ? You know the ones we are deporting en masse rigth now. No you say, well carry on then' That's the point, western society has managed to get into the paradox of having an open society and actively import people who are against it. Enjoy the ride, because they are getting more incentive from the passiveness and for forgiving their murders by the ideals that provide them.
  14. Perhaps, but better use some other example as rembrandt painting his best paintings when his wife and 4 of his children died. Efficiency is the wrong word, but rather quality and creative impulses. Still only seeing an assertion with no proof. I can not offer any personal story, but pretty much high marks music, art and litterature (Milton's Paradise Lost, The Beatles, Van Gogh, Tolstoy's Anna Karenina, T.S. Elliot, etc) were made during times when the artists were depressed or suffered. Anti-depressants as such alleviates such strong emotions required for a work of artist to be as visceral as it is. It doesn't shut the door to the dark inner world, but it muddles it's meaning to something grey not worth allocating to an idea. That being said, it works wonders on people who need it to be able to work everyday work. Artists stories are often big part of their work, which is why those artists that are known by everybody often have quite colorful lives. But also suffering is relative, like for example Van Gogh, one could argue that he was artist suffering from mental illness that drive him to self destruction and self harm who sold only one painting during his life. But he was also man who didn't actually earn a cent during his life and was still able to travel around Europe, go to brothels, bars, and so on regularly, because his life was paid by others who for various reasons supported his hippy life style. And there is also artists like Picasso, who found their greatness and thing that marks them in history books after they have gained fortune and good life. As Picasso become rich with good quality portraits other paintings, but he is remembered by painting style that he invented after he was already rich and respected artist. And there are artist like Tolkien whose path to world fame was in middle of suffering and good life. Tolkien fought in WWI, which is the suffering part, but then he was respected English professor with steady income that let him to write books that he wanted to write. The suffering of one is not comparable to the suffering of others, true. But objectively speaking they had a suffering and personal demons and they channeled that to their craft beautifully. Maybe i should've framed it differently as i wasn't talking about mental illness, but the boundry between the two are thin when it comes to creative types. Also Picasso, lol. Perhaps the most boring paintings that there is so it fits that he was a happy kinda guy.
  15. If you want to remove Islamic terrorism, then just deport all muslims. Then deal with with your own terrorism.
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