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Found 14 results

  1. What prevents Aumaua from military dominating the globe? Each time I see them, and now being triggered by the size of their kids (see Josh's tweeter) I always wonder - what is their flaw that prevents them from evolutionary dominating all other races and finally absorbing them? If seen through the modern-day common evolution theory it can be: - slow breeding cycle, difficulties with child birth rates - vulnerability to some disease, framing the total population (child diseases included) - genetic flaws (syndromes) like rapid aging, long brain development or short reproductive age
  2. Trump, Mummy May vs Corbyn, petty arguments. You guys know the drill. America First brought to you by Saudi Arabia and Blackstone
  3. So this is an idea that I find extremely interesting, and I really want to see what you guys think. Please do give reasons in the comment section. Thanks for any shared opinions
  4. UK elections soon. Quick brief to get everyone up to speed. THE BRITISH PUBLIC Incapable of understanding the concept of balancing income against expenditure. Unwilling to understand everything else. CONSERVATIVES Well educated forehead, apologetically leading Britain with no specific plan. Certain doom to follow, with reassuring accent. LABOUR Goggled-eyed student union activist, ready to give Britain whatever it wants, like a pathetic step-parent. certain doom to follow, with reassuring blame attached to fat men in top hats. LIB-DEMS World's tiredest trouser kne
  5. So, apparently Israel's president Netanyahu recently spoke in Congress about how he wants Obama's nuclear talks with Iran to stop. Here's the video: http://www.c-span.org/video/?c4501507/netanyahu-warns-congress-iran The speech has been boycotted by about 60 Democrats, for various reasons, the most common reason being that Netanyahu was invited by congressional Republicans in order to torpedo the President's foreign policy. The second reason is that people suspect that Netanyahu merely wanted to do this to strengthen his image at home, in advance of the Israeli legislative electi
  6. So I came across this neat little test on the Internet. It's only 30 questions and it places you on 5 different political axes. Having argued so much about politics with a lot of members on this forum, it would be interesting to see how our results on this little test compare to each other. Here is the link: http://www.abtirsi.com/quiz2.php And my results: Collectivism score: 0% Authoritarianism score: 0% Internationalism score: 100% Tribalism score: -100% Liberalism score: 67% "Authoritarianism" in this test means how much power you think the state should have over the individ
  7. Disappointed that the King - who is very old - decided to endorse yet another coup. As an aside, when anyone else saw this photo of the Junta leader, did you think 'his wife made him do it'?
  8. Anyone else watching? I just started.
  9. Old thread: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/63322-russia-tread/ ~~ It takes a brave AND ingenious man to be uninterested in the Sochi winter Olympics. The official poll asks "Are you looking forward to the Olympic games?" There is no option to say 'no'. Every option bar one suggests pant-knotting enthusiasm. However, "other" is polling an impressive 69%+ of nearly 18000 votes, as of the time of this post.
  10. I'm surprised there isn't a thread for this yet. So, what do you think could happen? Is a debt default even possible constitutionally? Are there senators who believe a default might be a good thing? After all, if nobody is willing to borrow money to the US, it would be impossible to maintain a big government and military, so that's another way of cutting the budget. Who will suffer from the eventual effects (it would seem the Republicans already do)? A bit down on this page, there's an interesting S&P 500 scenario analysis. While I think most people agree that a delay i
  11. This is something I've been seeing more nad more in the world recently. In the efforts to enforce "proper" behavior and morals, the politcal correctness crusader become worse than the monsters they are fighting for. In todays news, Obama was branded as sexist becaue he complemented one female judge, and besides mentioning her being hard-working and all, also mentioned he was good-looking. And s*** hit the fan immediately. Apparenlty we live in a word where you can't even compliment someone without a bunch of MORONS overreacting. I weep for humanity.
  12. iKnow that all of us are excited to see the various factions and regions being cooked up for us by Obsidian, but as we know they're still forming. I've seen lots of ideas thrown around vaguely and as part of other, larger posts about types of governments (specifically matriarchies or "Amazonian" societies). I thought I might run down a short list and then we could jump off talking about them or other, even more interesting ideas of what system of government various cities\states could use. Theocracy Rule by religious authority; would essentially adhere to a quasi-Pope or council of theocr
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