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  1. I totally agree, a thing really good of this game is that there are many many hints and everything is not banalized by tons of explanations that hurt the intelligence of players. (as also many movies tend to do lately) more you play, more you discuss it and more you will know the game and make your ideas and theories... even if we don't agree on points this doesn't mean its a sterile discussion, we try to build a story behind it and to solve various "problems" we encounter and the confrontation help to raise new problems and to see another point of view. pesonally some assumptions i ma
  2. mmmm actually is Darth Traya a disguise for Kreia... Kreia was Traya in the past, now she is no more her... she just get her costume back to complete the Exile teaching... exept for Atris i think we never meet darth Traya ingame. so i'll go with Kreia, i know her and like her, also for sure she know better the force and have higher objective than when she was darth traya
  3. about the 3 sith lords and the technique Nihilus is the pinnacle of that techinque, but every sith know it... even the crappiest sith assassin... when the Exile and Kreia speak about the sith assassins, the old woman describe that technique and that they feed on the force. so is obvious that all the 3 sith lords know it and experienced it in first person, and there are example that even Sion and Kreia knows and use it. for Kreia is very evident, when she kills the 3 jedi masters on dant, their bodies are an hole in the force, pratically same as Nihilus have done on the miraluka
  4. about jedi masters/atris and the exile Jedi masters had no clue about the exile, every jedi master they don't understand the exile when they "judge"/exile her and they don't understand her when they meed on dant academy. they can't undestand the absence of the force in her and they fear her, they fear to become as her. they say they can't live near the Exile and they try to destroy her. is interesting to see how Visas (who is "super partes") liquidate all the jedi masters in 1 sentence... (something like) "they saw in you the death of the force, i see the hope for
  5. yup i think that too... ther's a very strong connection but i doubt too is letal... even Kreia is very vague speaking about this side effect and if i remember right she never tells that... she always say perhaps, maybe... and so on... i also suspect that Kreia chose to lose her hand to makes the exile feel the pain and show her that connection.
  6. as character i prefer Talia, as history i prefer Vaklu so who i like to help? it depends by mood and char i'm playing... if it will be possible to help vaklu whitout killing Talia i think i will mostly help him even with good chars.
  7. Atris didn't think so, when the Exile met her in battle she spoke of Kreia's plans for creating an echo in the Force powerful enough to travel forever throughout the galaxy never reaching its destination, leaving in its wake dead spots in which the Force cannot be felt, on Malachor Kreia herself confirms as much, threateing to kill the Exile would she not kill her, because one of them has to die for the bond to become a wound and create the echo. Jedi masters, and Atris in particular, have no clue about the exile, her importance and the plan of Kreia... they are blind by the force (as Kre
  8. nono.... i think there is a misconception here... the way that kreia want to destroy the force is not an apocaliptic one. she actually doesn't chose for all the galaxy, condamning the force sensitive guys to die... to do that there is alredy Nihilus and we know she want to stop him or the galaxy will be lost. the way Kreia want to "kill the force" is by an axample for people and the exile is that example, is a model or an "ubermensch", someone that can act as a model and insipre the others around him showing a path, a life free from the force. this is the influence and the "ri
  9. (reposted my last 2 posts in the topic on the spoiler forum, also as Jinger noted we gone a bit out of topic, and a lot "out of non spoiler"... so maybe we can delete the inappropriate posts from this topic and cntinue the discussion on the spoiler forum)
  10. doesn't lessen it, but where more than enought to balance that factor and to be near to defeat the republic... everyone in kotor says that if it was not for Revan, mandaloreans had conquered the republic, so yes they where outnumbered but they where way stronger/better equipped than the republic army so imo the fact that republic had more ships/soildiers doesn't lessen the fact that was Revan to "win the war" and whitout his/ner intervention the republic had fallen to mandas.
  11. i have not said that s/he was in numerical inferiority, but is clear that, even if the republic was outnumbering mandaloreans, it was losing badly... system after system... this mean that mandas had some other superiority, it could be training, it could be tech and this other superiroty was more effective than simply numbers... just an historical example... when first machineguns where developed they where used by colonialists empire to subjugate a large number of african/asian popolations... there was a battle in particular where a couple of english soldiers with MG decimated an "army
  12. ehi.... but Kreia is not a villain!!!! i'm not so harsh with K2, imho is quite elegant even in its handling a thing as destructive as Nihilus... as Kreia says he's not anymore a man, is a sort of a "natural force of destruction" as can be a black hole so quite plausible imo... i heard of way worse things as siths kitterly destroying planets (or suns?) with big force rays, or jedis shoting down orbital ship (again with sort of force rays... damn i want force rays in k3 ) so i found this "way of destruction" way more enjoyable than usual "brute" ones... also i don't see why you are
  13. I think is a bit problematic to objectively say that Thrawn is better than Revan, even reading all that is relased... why?.... here a pratical example... what i know about Thrawn and Revan? i know Revan from KOTOR games and Thrawn for TIE fighter and some things i heard... both are quite lacky but let's try... both are considered military genius -Revan won a war against manda, a war that the repubblic was losing badly. -Revan almost won a war against the republic before s/he was betrayed, not really a big thing as s/he had both numeric and tech superiority - Revan de
  14. I think is a bit reductive to say that people don't vote for Thrawn because its a Kotor forum and are fans of Revan, about to not know well Thrawn probably you are right (i don't know him very well) but still there are things i know about these chars and is where my opinion comes from... and i don't know Revan more than Thrawn, as in the end we don't know much about him. also saying that it seem to me you are doing the same "mistake" you where speaking about, you really seem a Thrawn fans, to the point that everyone that disagree with you is just wrong because ignorance or "fanatism".
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