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  1. Can someone tell me how to use those files, please? Concerning the project's future, why doesn't the team try to recruit new members? How far has the team gone in its work? 50% or less? If it's the former, it would be a waste to give up when you have half of the work done... This game is aging. There is almost no community left. Untill a third game is released, people will drop their interest in KotOR II.
  2. Wow. Watching you people progress is like having my head stuck in a banister. Every time I struggle to get free, I fall right back into the trap. Lol... This has to be the most overrated flop in modding history. Interview, hype, advertising, and then nothing happens. Grrr... Are you people going to make any further progress? I think your numbers stopped moving, or my screen is not refreshing right. Lol...
  3. Transvestite? " Maybe the TSL mod will help you with that issue. Sorry man, but I couldn't resist. ---- I am just glad that the team is working hard to give us something new.
  4. (w00t) Lol... The secrets that people share. Lol... "In real life I am a man. When it comes to games, I like to play as a women." Lol... Just busting on you. (w00t) 2 years. PC version was released in Feb. 2005 <{POST_SNAPBACK}> D'oh! Lol... The years are passing so fast.
  5. Yep. That clip game me new found faith in the group. "Almost there. Almost there." <{POST_SNAPBACK}> ... wait, is that a rope and a stick over that carrot? awww dammit <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Lol... We have to take the trash out. Lol... Regardless, I hope it gets released soon. We are getting closer to three years.
  6. Yep. That clip game me new found faith in the group. "Almost there. Almost there."
  7. I could careless at this point. I don't think they can keep my attention for too much longer. We know that Lucas Arts has not abandoned the KotOR series, but I have serious doubts that Obsidian will be at the helm. If you have been paying attention, Lucas Arts just released a cool collection of the best Star Wars games ever made. You will find that 'KotOR I' made the pack, but 'KotOR II' didn't make the pack. I personally take that as a sign that they are listening to the fans. Someday they will make an announcement, but I seriously doubt Obsidian will be the developer.
  8. KotOR II - What an interesting two years. Wow. I just realized that KotOR II has been out for two going on three years. Up until these past few months, the modding community had been going strong. I know from experience that this game is not the greatest, but it does have some pretty cool moments. Just my opinion, but hey we are all here to share our viewpoints. What is your: a. Favorite Planet? b. Favorite Moment? What planet would you expand upon? What storyarch would you have emphasised more? What changes would you have made?
  9. :joy: After that a mess of linguistic work needs to be done. Lol... Then, they will have to refresh all their computers, empty out the override folder, uninstall then reinstall KotOR II, install the patch, and then play a fresh game to make sure everything runs smoothly. :D ***Starts Singing*** It's been a long road Getting from there to here It's been a long time But the TSL Restoration Team's time is finally near And they can feel the change in the wind right now Nothing's in their way And nothing is gonna hold them down no more No nothing is gonna hold them down 'Caus
  10. I respectively disagree. Actually, I just out-right disagree. I think 'KotOR I' had a tremendously beter storyline. Everything in 'KotOR I' felt like Star Wars, and pulled together on an epic scale. 'KotOR II' had good potential, but never brought things to any climatic reveltaion. I like 'KotOR II'. However, if I have to choose which one was better, I would have to drive home an argument for 'KotOR I'. 'KotOR II''s storyarch was pretty sloppy at best.
  11. That is a mess of changes and bugs. It is good to hear that you are being careful. Good luck on finishing.
  12. :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: How are you people jumping in versions when this happens: One Week: 'Tracking 600 known issues'. Two Week:'Tracking 706 known issues'. Third Week: 'Tracking 712 known issues'. All your bug issues keep going up, and you people keep raising the version number. How does that happen? You people still have my support, but I do have to take notice of some things: 1. Since the day you have started, how many newer bugs has this mod introduced? 2. How badly has this mod affected the game files, which are essential to its core and functionality? 3. Has
  13. Nope it changed!!!!!! It's 61 now <{POST_SNAPBACK}> In the same way the 'Tracking 600ish known issues' turned to 'Tracking 706 known issues'. Yep. Progress is being made. Hey wait, doesn't progress mean the numbers go down. When the mod is finally released, I bet you believers and non-belivers will be doing this: :joy:
  14. Beta Testing Motivation Time. Lol.. They are going as fast and diligent as they can. I am sure they are working hard on the mod. From a certain point of view, you have to be :crazy: to take upon this monumental task. " All good things come to those who wait.
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