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  1. Do I know you? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Nope... i just remember someone (either you or someone with a very similar screen name) Being on this forum.... around half a year ago? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Look at my join date
  2. Well I mis-read the topic so I will now use the formula My jedi name is Paini Sical
  3. Aliana Solo is my darkside name. I got Aliana from my morrowind game.
  4. You are all welcome at my forum. Link is in the sig.
  5. Indeed she is nice. She was also nice in Scorpion King.
  6. I knew I heard her voice before. She did the British Airways adverts. And the NSPCC adverts.
  7. that shows the voice actors like kotor 1 did.
  8. Well I cant kill him. I dont have a lightsaber yet. Are there any cheats for this game?
  9. Is it possible to get all the lightsaber parts on dantooine? if not where do i get the focus lens
  10. How do i defeat him, he keeps on healing himself and then killing me. And seems to have unlimited force.
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