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  1. You'd love my wife then..... Anyway, I'm going for Handmaiden because I just liked the way she looked and acted toward my character. Although some of the Exile female heads look pretty nice, especially the asian ones. Oooh yeah... asian chicks...
  2. Maybe to help people out? It's not all about money, greed is a bad thing. I don't mean to say that you shouldn't fire people who can't do their job. That's all fine and dandy and that's not what I'm saying. What I'm saying is that some CEO shouldn't lay off 10,000 or whatever workers just so he can make more profit if he is doing alright now. I'f your making enough money, why should you lay off thousands of people? What's the point? Those are real people with real families who are trying to make a living and if they are providing you with profit and a service and your company is making money and doing fine. Then don't fire them. You say if 5 people can do what 10 people can do, then fire the 5? Well, what does that do to the 5 that stay? Do they work harder? Are they working more hours? I mean, you can't look at people as just numbers. The 5 people who got layed off are real people, if the company can support them and they can do their job they should not be fired. It is NOT about money, it's about people. The bloat you call it is actual people, people with families and babies and they need to eat. In this day and age when it is so hard to find a job (in america at least) job security is important and I think the ceo's and higher ups should think of the people instead of just "money,money, make more money, think I'll give myself a raise." EDIT:And imho companies only think of one thing when they make decisions about anything, money. They usually don't think of the people they employee. And if it was up to me, no comapnies wouldn't make the decisions like this, because you would need a unbiased person to objectively make these sorts of decisions.
  3. Hmm, well I do agree we can't rule our country well. So, maybe the brits can do it better. I for one welcome our new british masters! ^_^
  4. To much of any thing is bad. Freedom included, sorry but that's just how it is. People are greedy, I think we can all agree with that right? Especially people in power.(Power corrupts). So, therefore, for the better interest of everyone these things should be regulated. So that people who are either too greedy for their own good don't go laying off tons of people just because they want to give themselfs a raise or make a little more. They should restrict how many people a company can lay off, depending on how much they are making. Of course they can still fire people who aren't doing there job or disruptive. But massive layoffs when they aren't needed should be against the law.
  5. Nope, you can be anything and train others in the force. At least I could when I was a jedi weapons master.
  6. American Dad? Family guy all the way since I don't even know what show American Dad is.
  7. Never have read the books (I have them, just never got around to it. lol). But the trailer looks pretty good imho. Although that walking robot thing looks a little bit to much like a guy just in a robot suit instead of a robot. heh. But maybe that's the way they wanted it? *shrug* Otherwise, looks cool!
  8. I'm not trying to whip up a "red scare". I just posted what I saw as the only public comment about knight2 problems, that's all. It seems to ME personally that he didn't care about us minotiry in the way he phrased his comment. But I urge everyone to make up your own mind. Perhaps I did read to much into it, if I did then I do aplogize. But it still leaves the fact that this has been the only public comment about the problems with the game and that's just not right. (If there has been another public comment, please someone let me know)
  9. The reason I posted this is because this is the only public (that I know of) reply by any obsidian employee made about kotor2's bugs and rush job. If they have had said something else, then this would have probably just been ignored.
  10. I disagree, he obviously doesn't care about us "minority" and I think that shows what kind of state of mind they are in. I normally would defend the devlopers or anyone who there is no evidence against. But this one line seems like he is dismissing us who are speaking up and that they are just looking at the sales and money. If any obsidian employee says otherwise and shows evidence to the contrary, then I will gladly say I was wrong.
  11. Obsidians Answer to us about the rush job on kotor2 Someone asks on another fourm about kotor2's bugs and rushed ending and Brian D. Lawson (programmer at obsidian) answers his question. How nice of him to care about the customer huh?
  12. Yup, serious suckage there. Kinda surprised something like this happened, but ah well.
  13. Hang on Falconhurst, what is this thing you call integrity? I believe something like that was murdered several years ago by the all powerful god of captialism called Greed. All hail Greed!
  14. This was mentioned in another thread. But this guy says what I feel about this game the best. Good Game, But badly Rushed after a certain point. Thank you Mr.Buecheler for understanding. GameSpy: A Rush and A Push
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