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  1. Felt the same way. Some random spoilery thoughts. I did really enjoy the film overall. Rey and Finn are great protagonists and I was grinning the entire first third of the movie at their exploits. Loved Poe and all the fighter squadron space battles. BB-8 is a great addition to the droid cast. Grinning all the time with the banter between Han and Chewie. Han and Leia scenes hit my nostalgia buttons with their love theme playing in the background. Thought the characters in the First Order were weaker, but hopefully they will be explored more in subsequent films. Planning to se
  2. I disliked the 12 ablility restraint as well. I wish they'd get rid of it. It's my one nitpicky complaint in an otherwise superb game.
  3. I have 8 characters on The Bastion. One character for each class. All are pretty low level except for my Agent who is 50 something. I mostly play for the storyline, but can't seem to finish any of them. The only one I enjoyed was Imperial Agent, though I've tried all of them. I did like trolling Darth Baras a lot. I usually play for the first two or three planets, get bored by the side content and stop playing. I liked Agent because I could sneak through 90% of the content to get to the good stuff.
  4. Kinda reminds me of Heavenly Sword, which I enjoyed well enough. I check out the kickstarter and pledge if it seems interesting.
  5. I'm definitely interested. I usually get an itch to play the BG saga every few years or so and I think SCS and other mods I like to use are compatible with EE now. I'll give BGEE a try this playthrough.
  6. I'm interested since I find the underlying gameplay of Mass Effect 2 and 3 quite enjoyable and generally enjoyed the storyline except for the entire ending sequence of ME3. I'm guessing you play a crew of mixed species from the Milky Way galaxy sent to chart out an entirely new galaxy as some last ditch backup plan initiated by the Council in case the Reapers win. I hope that's why it's called Andromeda, because we will be exploring the Andromeda galaxy. You wake up in an Ark-like vessel at the beginning of the game and go from there. Then Bioware can just ignore the very different ra
  7. Also not having any trouble with Arkham Knight PC. I have a 780gtx 6gb card and with gameworks and at 1920x1200 resolution, I average around 40 fps most of the time, which is fine in my book. I've read the game needs massive amounts of vram, so maybe that could be part of the issue. I'm trying to get used to the controls which have changed. In earlier games, I could control Batman's attack direction by swiveling the camera with the mouse, but that doesn't seem to work anymore. It seems wholey dependent on using WASD to determine the attack direction which I find awkward. Now I have to hol
  8. Just finished the game as well. Took me 122 hours, but I didn't visit about half the question marks in Skellige. Best game I've played in a while. Can't wait for the two expansions. I hope we get to visit Nilfgaard, Kovir or Zerrikania. I want to know more about the Witcher schools in different areas and why all of them are dying out. There seem to be plenty of monsters giving grief to people, so I don't think Witchers have grown obsolete in any way. Maybe a lot of knowledge has just been lost? Anyways, I wouldn't mind if CDP releases witcher contract missions here and there and reall
  9. I completed my gwent collection today! I stuck with the Northern Realms the whole way through with Foltest the Siegemaster to bolster my siege engine line at the last minute. I learned it doesn't always pay to have a full special card deck. I usually trimmed it down depending on what the opponent played. Like Hoonding said, Monsters are weak to scorch and also frost, so I would have 1 clear weather card, 1 decoy card, 2 frost cards, and 1 scorch card, to guarantee I would get some combination of those cards. Then I would play slow, trying to bait the other player to overextend so I could d
  10. Before I read 16 pages of comments I'll just say after watching the brief E3 gameplay trailer, if the dog is the first companion you meet and stays with you for the rest of the game, I will buy Fallout 4. One of my favorite things to do is take my dog on hikes, so if I can do that and kill mutants and raiders and stuff, I'm good to go. Also I think Bethesda improved their quest making skills. I thought quests in Skyrim were much better compared to F3, so I hope quests in F4 will be even better.
  11. I just finished the part where Geralt shares a night of drinks with his fellow Witchers. Laughed pretty hard. I actually thought the game was coming to a conclusion, but was pleasantly surprised when it kept going. About 95 hours in and still loving it. Storywise, I wouldn't mind a game with Ciri as the protagonist. CDP doesn't seem to have a problem with knocking back a character's power level at the start of a new game. Geralt is constantly starting at level one with basic gear despite collecting powerful items in previous games. Substitute witcher signs and potions with magical abilitie
  12. I am enjoying this game immensely. I was exploring Novigrad yesterday and came upon a little district where all sorts of dyes were being prepared. A small thing, but I was impressed by the colors and the attention to detail that I also find everywhere else in the game. The world is beautiful and a joy to roam around. I love the extensive side quests, witcher contracts and treasure hunts that encourage exploration. My only beef is with the combat, which still feels clumsy at times, but is a vast improvement over Witcher 2. If I could map the signs to individual keys to activate i
  13. I hope he has good things planned and comes back to games after some times.
  14. Awesome news. Hope there are more good things in store for Obsidian and their fans down the line.
  15. First post mirrors my thoughts exactly. Thanks Obsidian for making a game that gives me exactly what I wanted in a RPG. I'm 25 hours in and I'm only 5 levels deep into Od Nua. I would have been happy with just this massive dungeon, but remembering this is just a bonus and there is still a huge world and story left to explore fills me with a great joy I haven't felt in a long time in games. I would gush on, but I have a dungeon to explore and plunder. Thanks Obsidian!
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