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  1. As for guns, I was always a bit feared of them... something changed a year ago and now I'm a licensed (NRA) rifle instructor and will soon be a shotgun instructor. Pistol instruction requires a bit more time on the range, but will happen. Yeah, glad... played through BG EE2 not long ago and Gromnir was my fave bad guy...
  2. Not sure if I'm surprised, happy, or sad that you (and others) still post here, Gromnir, but thanks for the nod nonetheless. Same goes to the other old-timers that noticed my... presence.
  3. Yeah, I actually saw this post a year ago and got my account fixed, but got caught up in life and did not post. I liked Tarna. His death was not something I was happy about. Mark
  4. Its sole purpose is to improve aim (for under $60/week) and train myself not to flinch. Mark
  5. I have a .22LR Ruger American rifle, a .22LR Ruger SR-22, and a .45ACP Ruger SR-45... haven't shot the SR-22 yet, but will soon (either I get a membership at an indoor club, or it gets warm enough to shoot outdoors). The SR-45 is great, but I'm flinching with it and pulling my shots down to the left. That's why I bought the SR-22, to prevent poverty from practicing @ 60 cents per shot. Mark
  6. so, given that the former law professor (constitutional law, correct) said last night that foreign corporations were not excluded from this ruling*, i expect everyone is now going to point out that obama is a liar, right? i mean, you guys claim you are consistent... let's hear it. taks * specific words were: "Last week, the Supreme Court reversed a century of law to open the floodgates for special interests
  7. so, what, because a bunch of you are saying the same thing you're right? sorry hurlshot, but you're all wrong on this one rather badly. wrath understands perfectly, and is correct. ^calax: a proper analogy requires two things, first, the comparisons must be of a similar type, and second, the magnitudes of what you are comparing must be similar. sorry, but saying someone is your favorite philosopher (or one of your favorites, same stinking thing that you apologists refuse to understand) is not the same as saying you admire someone (particularly when you single out certain traits you l
  8. uh, it has been since then, from what i recall, like over the last decade or so... though perhaps what you are referring to is the kinder, gentler version. maybe they used to beat you first, then the rest? taks
  9. you guys really need to work on your ability to formulate proper analogies. it's a crying shame, actually, but a product of the modern education system i suppose so hardly a surprise. taks
  10. he was backlit behind a screen when i saw him the first time, so all we got was his shadow. the second show i saw i don't recall what he did (same tour, different venue, however). taks
  11. no, actually, which is why i thought it might be interesting!
  12. i don't miss that. taks
  13. i've heard there have been strides made by the IRS toward better observation of constitutional rights in recent years... the notion of guilty till proven innocent is beginning to fade, apparently. of course, that doesn't address the myriad other problems. taks
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