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  1. no way!! I`ll buy new headsets with those money...and get drunk for at least half a year from now on :D
  2. Newspaper will always post your mission`s rating as the agressor SA,HItman,Professional etc
  3. I dare not think of the price especially since I bought recently Zalman 5.1 headsets(a VERY bad decision)
  4. Eldar I feel sorry for you... I own a GF 6800 Ultra from Asus; now, before you jump on me on why I bring this up is that Ultra overheats more than 7x series especially GTX. It has standard fan... started overheating 5 months after I purchased it... the reason was I needed to change the thermal paste between GPU and cooler... now running VERY smooth and cold. No idea what made the pasta degrade so fast and sudden but no more overheat Drivers are not an issue nor the mobo as far as I`m concerned but the card itself.. Hope that helps
  5. I play on RAW server.. the BEST non-modded server available.. geat clans,great PvP, full almost all the time
  6. http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/13212 Basically Starforce restarts your PC when IT THINKS you`re doing... illegal activities Add the crap with the warez and the... answer to a guy "The Russian Mafia pays you blah blah" crap http://www.consumerist.com/consumer/starfo...fire-163055.php Need I say more?
  7. KoToR 1 ... for the zillionth time and waiting for Team Gizka Project to finish so I can play KoToR 2 afterwards I know...I`m a nostalgic...
  8. IF we`ll still have swoop races in K3 upgradeable swoop bike won`t be a too bad idea
  9. IF the PC is a padawan let`s put a minigame(for the "I STILL wanna earn my lightsaber even if I earned TWO already") for the lightsaber... as in make a puzzle for the saber assembly dissasembly or putting new crystals/changing crystals Minigame being different for one hilt/doublehilt/short hilt sabers or will get darn repetitive Also IF you don`t want to start with the lightsaber right from the start minigames of his/her training as padawan can be introduced Would be nice to have random item generator in K3 as well Also a wild idea: have a personal crystal... AND a second one for whe
  10. I think they did a pretty impressive job in the short time period. Obsidian created an awsome graphical interface, which I might add was a vast improvement over the first. Even though there are quiks and such, I think they made some significant progress. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I already said that I am VERY impressed about what they did in the very short time they had HOWEVER, someone "persuaded" them to release a beta at best as being an finished product. I understand that Obsidian was NOT happy with that idea as a person. As a customer I paid for a finished product and I EXP
  11. KoToR 3 I`d DEFINETELY buy! Expansion pack... won`t pay money TWICE for something that I should`ve paid ONCE only I LOVE what Obsidian did in the VERY short time they had... the NEW features and ideas on a very old engine were nice too. For that they had what they deserved when I bought the game. Reasons for being an unfinished product don`t concern me as customer..I can understand them as a person...hence no money for expansion.. NEW game without blinking I`ll buy...but AFTER I`m sure it is finished Sorry
  12. I agree with this. My own suggestion for a K3 plot tried to play very specifically toward these qualities of Revan and the Exile, with Exile using his wound-in-the-force abilities as a "new" Nihilus and Revan sacrificing himself to the DS in a strategic maneuver to stop the true Sith.... My main concern is that I really don't want to see a plot where those characters *again* lose all their power/memories and have to start over. That said, if they are to be groupmembers at one point, I do think their powerlevels may need to be adjusted down slightly to fit with the rest of the group, but th
  13. Lego Star Wars 2 over KoToR 3 ... I`m starting to seriously doubt there is sanity left...
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