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  1. no way!! I`ll buy new headsets with those money...and get drunk for at least half a year from now on :D
  2. Newspaper will always post your mission`s rating as the agressor SA,HItman,Professional etc
  3. I dare not think of the price especially since I bought recently Zalman 5.1 headsets(a VERY bad decision)
  4. Eldar I feel sorry for you... I own a GF 6800 Ultra from Asus; now, before you jump on me on why I bring this up is that Ultra overheats more than 7x series especially GTX. It has standard fan... started overheating 5 months after I purchased it... the reason was I needed to change the thermal paste between GPU and cooler... now running VERY smooth and cold. No idea what made the pasta degrade so fast and sudden but no more overheat Drivers are not an issue nor the mobo as far as I`m concerned but the card itself.. Hope that helps
  5. I play on RAW server.. the BEST non-modded server available.. geat clans,great PvP, full almost all the time
  6. http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/13212 Basically Starforce restarts your PC when IT THINKS you`re doing... illegal activities Add the crap with the warez and the... answer to a guy "The Russian Mafia pays you blah blah" crap http://www.consumerist.com/consumer/starfo...fire-163055.php Need I say more?
  7. KoToR 1 ... for the zillionth time and waiting for Team Gizka Project to finish so I can play KoToR 2 afterwards I know...I`m a nostalgic...
  8. IF we`ll still have swoop races in K3 upgradeable swoop bike won`t be a too bad idea
  9. IF the PC is a padawan let`s put a minigame(for the "I STILL wanna earn my lightsaber even if I earned TWO already") for the lightsaber... as in make a puzzle for the saber assembly dissasembly or putting new crystals/changing crystals Minigame being different for one hilt/doublehilt/short hilt sabers or will get darn repetitive Also IF you don`t want to start with the lightsaber right from the start minigames of his/her training as padawan can be introduced Would be nice to have random item generator in K3 as well Also a wild idea: have a personal crystal... AND a second one for when you get prestige class(final class if prestige won`t be used) after a looong and hard quest (that would probably make you more powerful than a Battleship but hey... by the time you get prestige class you probably can feed on Force sensitives as well) IF too overpowered can earn unique crystals when you get class(assuming it will be done as Padawan/Apprentice-Knight/?-Master/Lord) And no matter what party members we get... possibility of making them Jedis is a MUST Wishful thinking: dynamic quests or fixed quests that can be repeated and open gameplay after game is finished(zones with spawns)
  10. I think they did a pretty impressive job in the short time period. Obsidian created an awsome graphical interface, which I might add was a vast improvement over the first. Even though there are quiks and such, I think they made some significant progress. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I already said that I am VERY impressed about what they did in the very short time they had HOWEVER, someone "persuaded" them to release a beta at best as being an finished product. I understand that Obsidian was NOT happy with that idea as a person. As a customer I paid for a finished product and I EXPECT to have a finished product...I don`t care of the reasons behind it. I CAN support Obsidian BUT I can`t support the "persuader". And since the "persuader" will get most of the money which I`m not supposed to give in the first place there will be no buy. I repeat..I am VERY impressed about their work and only hope they WILL do KoToR 3 and actually be left alone to FINISH it..if not for the community/customers at least for the KoToR series which was probably the best game made on the SW frachise(where almost all of them failed except for Jedi Knight since the other 2 were kind of rip-offs). Therefore I WILL buy Obsidian made KoToR 3 IF it`s finished. Won`t pay for something I paid for already
  11. KoToR 3 I`d DEFINETELY buy! Expansion pack... won`t pay money TWICE for something that I should`ve paid ONCE only I LOVE what Obsidian did in the VERY short time they had... the NEW features and ideas on a very old engine were nice too. For that they had what they deserved when I bought the game. Reasons for being an unfinished product don`t concern me as customer..I can understand them as a person...hence no money for expansion.. NEW game without blinking I`ll buy...but AFTER I`m sure it is finished Sorry
  12. I agree with this. My own suggestion for a K3 plot tried to play very specifically toward these qualities of Revan and the Exile, with Exile using his wound-in-the-force abilities as a "new" Nihilus and Revan sacrificing himself to the DS in a strategic maneuver to stop the true Sith.... My main concern is that I really don't want to see a plot where those characters *again* lose all their power/memories and have to start over. That said, if they are to be groupmembers at one point, I do think their powerlevels may need to be adjusted down slightly to fit with the rest of the group, but they should not appear until the main PC is at least level 15+, and they should both be set to always be higher level than the main PC, I think. This is agree less with, if it means giving the new PC some special powers, because it again brings us close the mechanic of the "chosen one". That said, I did give the PC an ususual ability in my own plot, but that was just to gain an understanding of what had happened to Revan and Exile and facilitate their eventual redemption. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I agree as well. I do not think that Revan or the Exile should show up until the second half of the game. Perhaps you will be going around trying to find them. As for whoever dies, I bet it would be Revan as well because he/she is more memorable than the Exile since we played Revan first. I also hope that I could go in as my third character, knowing everything about myself. How I was raised, where I am now, etc. etc. You know for my third character, I would just kinda like him/her to be just a regular Jedi/Sith. Luke was not anything special, he just got swept up in the midst of things and became an ordinary hero. Sure, he was good at being a Jedi but he was not some renowned person. Not saying I wouldn't mind another important character, or a character that could develop an important trait. In my opinion, the thing I am most worried about is the storyline. So many people seem to want to hurry up and kill Revan and the Exile. Just because they are great does not mean they deserve to die. I am not saying, "Lets have an happy ending with ponies and a big rainbow!" Just I want an ending to their stories and to the people that stories have connected to them if they perish. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> The Exile must die because HE is the wound in the Force(also restoring the balance)...the "other" one was Nihilus but he died of illness I assume . Revan is a genuine Jedi/Sith or a normal Force user... also those 2 may be cameo appearances like Bastila and Carth in KoToR 2 or at best sidekicks VERY late in the game due to their insane levels I saw an idea as in we had a super-godly Jedi then a wound in the force... a padawan doing what he can do do be a Jedi/Sith to save/kill Revan/Exile to destroy/save the true Sith to bring balance/destroy forever the Force should be acceptable and even logical(I assume KoToR 3 will wrap things up) Also should keep the idea of making your companions Jedis and the influence system(a bit more...complicated than "I kill X" - influence lost.."I won`t kill X"-influence gained). And for Christ`s sake...make soo many sidequests and so long plot that at least it lasts 1 week of normal 5-8 hours/day.. longer I can live with
  13. Lego Star Wars 2 over KoToR 3 ... I`m starting to seriously doubt there is sanity left...
  14. Judge Hades ... see above post about the lightsaber powerful and to be honest if I want to play Carth I can play any FPS and I don`t have lightsaber .. I play KoToR because it CAN have a lightsaber and because it has a STORY beside the mindless slaughter from Jedi Knights/Academy
  15. Although it may be true that is Lucas`s idea and concept ... and I don`t comment on that because it is written a loong time ago ANYTHING has a good and bad..a yin and yang..a white and black... Lucas decided that his are Jedi and Sith as we commonly agree that the ones before Jedi can be understood so can we understand a Jedi/Sith idea and there are games that have a FAR worse idea of fantasy and sci-fi so... i`ll accept Jedi Did I mention that the lightsaber looks cool?
  16. Judge Hades 1.Balance and RolePlay EVEN if it is not as you wanted to be still can be done(not use lightsaber,use only one lightsaber,play with a low level,ignore force powers,grow your character ranged or something else than dueler) and attitudes like "I want them to FORCE me to do that" won`t work... you don`t do it then you don`t WANT to do it and you contradict yourself...either you rank your char and be what you called us or you don`t and the argument loses it`s point 2.the first reason people played KoToR 1 was because they finally had a SW RPG ... and as ANY SW movie you have a Jedi there so it wasn`t a suprise what you`ll be there...the reason they played KoToR 2 was because it was already a saga/sequel/whatever you want to call it and Obsidian did a VERY good job in the little time they had. Now...as every SW game except the RTS they have a lightsaber user and obviously Force users...(read as intruduction for below) 3.Why I want to start with lightsaber already: I earned 2 lightsabers in 2 games..I`m tired of running and being the stupid errand boy. I EARNED the right to have a lightsaber... The 2 games were one amnesiac Jedi and one former Jedi... we knew from the very start so the result which will be having a lightsaber was set anyway. Now...at THE moment where you HAD the lightsaber you had a decent level and feats/skills that allowed to USE that saber effectively and deadly. Furthermore,in the MOVIES and how Lucas thought the Jedi they are SUPPOSED to be formidable opponents. Now...I also have a suggestion...they can give you a lightsaber but a standard one(based on KoToR 2 system will be the saber and the color crystal let`s say).. also nerfe it a bit(not too much or will be a .. light stick or something)...put 3 crystal slots on that and the crystals a bit more powerful since the saber was nerfed... crystals obtainable by quests/plot/VERY rare buys/boss drop. That way you have a lightsaber that is just a bit more powerful than a vibroblade AND can make it a unstoppable weapon later. While we are at it and I have one more idea(TWO ideas for today LOL)... start with the hero(not Revan nor Exile) as a padawan and raise him to Jedi Knight and Jedi Master(possibly at Knight and Master you get 2 decent crystals) Sorry for the semi-offtopic post and the long one... [EDIT] Or start at Coruscant Academy with the padawan with saber parts in inventory and first thing to do is to build the lightsaber for the ones that are sadistic enough to build the third lightsaber
  17. Definetely start with a lightsaber...I`m sick of runnin` half game without it
  18. Remember where you started from Sith is opposed to Jedi; I won`t be surprised to find out that there is a identical YODA somewhere exactly the opposite of the LS Yoda... or the exact opposite of a LS Revan..or Exile...or a Twi`lek... Human breed with humans = human... at worse human breed with twi`lek or anything alike(I REFUSE to imagine a human breed with a wookie :D ) Since the absolute lightsider would be Yoda... a true Sith would be a .. DS Yoda... 7am in the morning so if doesn`t make sence I appologise...just my 2 cents [EDIT]Revan can be considered a True Sith in a way...he was the champion of the Jedis before he fell to the Dark Side...and as a Darksider he was even more powerful..and we all know that the...amnesy was for a short period of time(LS or DS doesn`t really matter since he was decently powerful NOT to be afraid to meet the True Sith...{hyphotetisis}Maybe Revan was neutral..knowing the best of Jedi AND Sith teachings when he left(best student of the best of the Jedis AND Kreia which was at that time the Sith Master)) ... don`t flame poor Nihilus pls
  19. Bao-Dur and Kreia for the first part until Handmaiden becomes Jedi Then Bao-Dur and Handmaiden - especially Handmaiden if levels kept as in KoToR 1 is a hugely powerful Jedi Guardian doublebladed saber wielder
  20. [Demolitions]I`ll put a nuke in your building and blow it up [Failure]MY HAIR IS ON FIRE!!! [security]I`ll sneak in and steal the Beta patch [Failure]WatchDogs *Influence Lost* [beastControl]"You will sleep now" [Failure]MY PAAAANTS!!!!
  21. The FINAL KoToR 2 would`ve been simply breathtaking...not a poor job on an almost Beta either And yes,IMO the blame is to be placed on LucasArts`s shoulders and not Obsidian for really forcing them to release a Beta on the market(missing a whole planet which they said it was cut and almost no ending counts for me as Beta) Great job on what was really made how it should`ve been done..too bad the most important part couldn`t be implemented(HK`s saga and the ending we would`ve loved to see) Pleasant playing though...coming from a guy who is VERY pretentious of his games
  22. I was commenting from the "Big Picture" perspective..not based on what the Masters believed at THAT poit... They say they act based on the "Big Picture",based on the best thing to do in terms of the consequences NOT of only the moment`s importance. They believe they KNOW the right thing to do and can to a some extent to see the future based on certain actions,triggers,acts that echo in the Force. Also that was the reason they haven`t wanted the Mandalorian Wars because THAT war was the trigger for the events that followed(Revan`s fall,Jedis gone to dark side or joined Revan,Malak`s attack on Revan,Revan`s attack on Malak,Malachor 5 destruction,mandalorians`s destruction as a race,teaching through battle for the Jedis). They were both right and wrong: 1.They aare too arrogant to understand WHY Revan did what he did 2.They believe the Jedi Code to be the ULTIMATE and COMPLETE code 3.They believe THEIR wisdom is all that matters 4.They fail to understand WHAT Revan fought for and what REALLY happened 5. result of "4" - they only see that the war brought the Jedi`s extinction,NOT the REAL reason of Revan 6.They FAIL in trying to apply the Code in Exile`s case(instead of trying to show him the light side,or the true consequence of his actions based on what they believe,or try to understand him/what happened to him) 7.result of "6" - they take REVENGE on him(Exile without even telling why AND take his saber) I`ll try to speak to 1st person from a possible Council point of view I have a guy who followed a wrong path before me - I try to redeem him and help him understand what happened to him and also try to understand myself I have a guy who really believes that he is doing the right thing - I try and show him that he is wrong and show him "the light"(after all forgiving is THE Jedi way) Instead,I agree that I used the technique for stripping one`s Force(not on the Exile but I did),I agree that forgiving won`t happen and I choose to Exile instead of healing,I deliberately put my personal beliefs above the "higher Code" I am supposed to be guarding and applying(as a way of life) as I am a Jedi not a blind mortal Also what happens there is NOT Jedis speaking...are common folks speaking(which SHOULD NOT happen in a JEDI Council),are folks putting THEIR feelings(which is wrong) above the Code,above the GREATER good. We have a bunch of Jedis in a Council that does not follow the Jedi Code anymore and also they not even try to apply the Jedi Code in a clear case of a "missing sheep from the herd".. that is NOT the Jedi way thus I assume that THAT Council is a corrupt one(with feelings they should NEVER have..not in the Jedi sense,with hatred they should NEVER have-from Code`s way). They only want to punish ALL Jedis that followed Revan instead of heal them or try to show them redemption and the Light Side EDIT:We have a Council that is taking REVENGE above all else. We have a Council that chose REVENGE instead of FORGIVING and HELPING(one understand,one be healed,one see the Light Side,one come back to the "true" teaching(Jedi Code),one made to understand WHY the War was wrong)
  23. Where they say that? Ig he gave up to DS he was with Revan and never chose to "answer" to council call. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Atris says it ("Surely you can see that he is fallen to the Dark Side" and one of the masters replies "No,I haven`t sensed in him the Dark Side,but a hollow(hole)" - as far as I remember,I don`t have that noted down) I assume Atris was head of the Council(her custon robe and authoritary words) At least he is condemned to exile because he sided with Revan and because not answering to Council`s call... Revan`s decision was the best for the Galaxy...him not answering...not to be blamed either as he finally came...by his FREE WILL.. So my argument still stands... they fear what they cannot understand and they decide to exile instead of try to understand and heal... which can be seen methaphorically as teh Sith killing the weak instead of help them grow stronger What they do IS NOT Jedi-ish...as in not correlated to their Code....not follow the Code = Dark Side or path to...thus Council Dark Side or going to EDIT:Actually they NEVER tried to understand what caused Revan go to the Mandalorian Wars..they NEVER tried to understand WHAT Revan wanted... and WHY the Mandalorian Wars were necessary...this is ARROGANCE(all they mumbled was "They haven`t followed the Code they need to be judged and punished by Exile or Force stripped")...ARROGANCE is the way to the Dark Side... Serenity I believe is the opposite for arrogance And to respond another thread...more or less teh Jedi Code wants to eliminate all "negative" emotions so what the Masters do is in DIRECT contradiction with the Code they are supposed to follow
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