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  1. No they can't, bringing them back would be making assumptions about peoples character, generally looked upon as a no-no. I killed ALL of them, I would be pretty pissed if OB just up and decided "Ok they are all alive and Revan is lightside" Thats defeating the purpose of a ROLE-PLAYING GAME. BioWare did that in BGII with Minsc making a return, personally it annoyed me, I hate him. But at least the brought Edwin back too so all's good (in the first one your forced to take one side and kill the other). That still doesnt explain whyt Calo should come back.... And I already said Cassus is p
  2. You sir, are disgustingly stupid. Anyway, Revan would win, easily, hands down. Edit - Pardon me, mis read it I thought you were saying a man would win either way. BTW, Revan was a girl, she's a man in the alter universe.
  3. I have to agree there. Darth Spammer is me.
  4. Hanhar is great. He's insanely powerful, cleared the sub level in a couple of minutes and never needed healing. He's also one of those suprise characters who has a lot of things to say if you get to know him. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> You have a differant Hanharr than I did... I couldnt turn my attention away for a moment, or he'd die (I had to restart nearly 5 times) I suppouse that could be beacuse I did 15 auto levels or something on him.
  5. You need the option Hanharr is teh sux!!1!11!!111!1one! I hate him so much. Go-T0 > Hanharr, now thats cruel.
  6. You for got Darth Larry. Darth Johnson? Or Darth Bob Smith. Or just Bob Smith, they most terrifying name ever,
  7. The Sith Marauder looses the conditioning feat, I only had level one when I changed over (all my saves were over 20, I think reflex was 18 maybe) but I couldnt get the rest, bug or intentinal?
  8. most likely (edit) *not* (/edit) as you get the oppertunity to kill the majority of them at one point or another... Juhanni Jolee Carth Zaalbar Mission and Bastilla.. and the remaining ones DO make cameos I iddnt even let Carth onto the Star Forge... So it was just me n' Bastilla n' Candyman assulting it, she better not be be egtting any funny ideas with Candyman while I was slappign Malak around!
  9. When and how do you turn desciple into a gizka? And I jave said it before, but I still love [Force Persuade]Give me your money and then jump off that docking platform. (on nar Shadda)
  10. if you read Hanharrs mind with Kreias help you get +2 to str and +1 to con.
  11. Nope, don't think so, I had Visas, and T3(haha) at full darkside (diddnt even know I could train the others into jedi, nor did I use them untill after I beat it) and Neither of them got DS mastery.
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