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    Errrrrrrrrrmm that sandy planet, i forget what they call it.
  1. I think the whole Ceadus thing was. It started well and i liked the idea but just got silly. Also in the same series they introduced other Sith on Korriban in one novel then never mentioned them again!?
  2. I usually go for Consular/Jedi Master, cos I love force powers. I start with: Str 10 Dex 14 Con 8 Int 12 Wis 16 Cha 16 I put the first 2 lvl ups to dex and then the rest to wis. If your PC is male (which mine usualy is) the battle precog feat gives you a really high defense. I often end up with over 50 defense, wearing robes.
  3. The influence systems was a good idea but not properly implemented. For example, if you were ls and had high influence with Visas, she would still get upset when you did a ls act. Once you had a high influence they should not question you on such thing, unless it was a major plot point.
  4. Is this on the PC? If so there is a fix for it at http://team-gizka.org/downloads.html If not you'll have to reload.
  5. I'm not sure what was going on there but i had 2 control centres. Anyway, i got rid of 1 and then rolled back the drivers as far as they would go. Then i reinstalled 5.4, now all i get is a black screen.
  6. Blaster??? His dex is low and str is high therfore he makes a better melee fighter.
  7. Ok, i'll try that but it'll have to wait until tomorrow. The wife is home so i have some work to do. I'll let you know how the installation goes.
  8. Not yet, will they still be available on ATI's site? I don't think i can roll back because when i changed from win 98 to xp the first drivers i put on was 5.11 (i think).
  9. I have upraded the drivers and still get the same message and have also reduced the settings and the game still crashes.
  10. Large amount of alcohol works for me! I wonder how Darth Nihilus sleeps at night. I bet he can't sleep without his fav teddy. :D
  11. Why does the game insist that i need the latest NVidia drivers for my Radeon 9200 graphics card?? I have the latest Radeon drivers installed but the game is not happy with that. The game will run but crashes alot, and every couple of days it will automatically scan my hardware and tell me that the game requirements are not met. This cause my setting to be reset and my latest saved game to become unloadable, which is very annoying to say the least. Why is this happening? Below is the swinfo report.
  12. Here is an idea that i had about how I'd like the whole 'lightsabre' thing to work in K3. You can build your lightsabre at level 5 but it is weak say 1-12 damage and can't be fitted with upgrades. As you travel around you learn how to improve your lightsabre (at say lvl 10) and then it becomes 1-16 damage and you can put in additional cystals. Some more time passes (say when you reach level 14-15) and you learn how to further improve your lightsabre. Now it becomes 1-20 damage and can take cystals and upgrades. The improvements could coincide with your development as a jedi. You first
  13. Then it becomes meaningless and thats not worth my time. But either way he still ends up in K2 anyway.
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