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  1. The second post, yes... as far as I know I have everything in there that has been posted so far. There are a few changes I need to make based on my experience going through my second game, and using the guide, but I am still deciding how to address them.
  2. The Influence Guide is here: http://forums.obsidianent.com/index.php?showtopic=26579 I also bumped it.
  3. You'd think that one would recognize that this most certainly does not belong here, and should have been posted in the spoilers section.
  4. A "to be continued" would have just turned my "WTF" into a "god damnit, what a crock of $#@%". I didn't buy the game to be forced to buy a third in order to gain closure.
  5. I went to Dantooine my first game and did not have all the pieces to make my Lightsaber until after I had defended the base. Just keep playing -- you'll find what you need. Other planets make it a little easier to get all the pieces more quickly.
  6. I can't remember which equation I used, but I know that only multiple or divide worked -- both don't. I've also heard you need to complete the other terminal puzzle first for it to work. I can't remember which I did first in my last game and am a long ways off in my current game.
  7. She explains exactly what she does to it in the game. She aligns it to you.
  8. There is a thread title "[pWIKI] Influence Guide" on this forum which talks about a few opportunities. It takes a little longer then just a single conversations. Or, if the single conversation is possible then there is a very specific series of responses that must be made. In my initial dialog with her (going through all of what DarthPanda talks about) I only gained Influence once.
  9. I think we've determined that 22 hours is not nearly enough time to have spent in the game to adequately critique the game. Kind of like the people who say the ending is fine, but haven't finished the game.
  10. If major plot points are held in optional dialog, that is a problem.
  11. BioWare had nothing to do with giving Obsidian KotOR2. LucasArts owns KotOR. BioWare developed the first, Obsidian the second. LucasArts will probably find a different third party developer for the third, who can do it even cheaper. Although little makes sense, a second play through does help to ease the pains of the plot holes. Only shortly into my 2nd game I've already been able to get further with several player dialogs, because I know how to minipulate them now. Amazingly, several plot holes have already started to fill in. Though I am not in the least bit happy that they thought placing major plot points in optional dialog was a good idea. Play LS. Play again, as a LS character for all three of those points. Carth is in the game. 22 hours!? That's a little short. While I will be the last person to stand up and exclaim that the story to KotOR2 was well constructed, 22 hours is nothing! Play again and take your time. It took me 43 hours my first game to piece together my dislike for the storyline -- in 22 hours, you have less then half the story that most other people do. I'd play again, maybe an hour every other day, and take your time! Visit the "Influence Guide" post and learn how to manage your party members so you can get more dialog with them. Take the time to wonder around and talk with NPCs so you get more of the story. This part is actually pretty clear in the story. The Sith are hunting Jedi, "from the shadows" -- they are fighting a sort of gorilla warefare and are doing very well at it, so the Jedi are hiding. If the threat is to be stopped, the Jedi Masters must be found. If you are DS, that's what Sith do... kill Jedi. Story isn't going to be any different.
  12. There is a thread I started titled "Filling in the plot holes at the end" in which some people address the GOTO/Remote issue. There were plans for a KotOR3, but it is currently on hold after a large firing at LucasArts.
  13. You don't have to be a Jedi Master to train people. You don't even need to be a prestige class. Just talking to people isn't enough. You need to gain the right amount of Influence with the character (done through dialog and actions) before the option will become possible.
  14. Any of the first planets will yield all the parts required to build your own lightsaber. Drops and rewards are all random so while someone might have gotten a great double-bladed lightsaber from "Bob", other people are going to get some crappy upgrade.
  15. Nar Shaddaa can be completed first. I'm 99% of the way done with Nar Shaddaa now on my 2nd play through, as my first planet. #1 - what criminals? The ones from Telos? *shrug* Depending on your alignment and your actions, they may show up in different places. They were on Telos my first play through, and I haven't gotten that quest yet for my 2nd game since I want Mira with me when I do. #2 - Read the log entry, it refers to the "galaxy". #3 - You need to talk to certain people for her, and the other bounty hunters, to stand around the central hub.
  16. Yes, despite DarthPanda's efforts... console specs != pc specs. Anyway, when you are experiencing slowdown in battle try switching characters (black button). The limited number of times I get a slowdown, switching to another character fixed it in a snap.
  17. The disk may be poorly pressed. You can try returning it for another copy and see if that helps. There really isn't anything else you can do aside from replacing the game or your XBox and hope the two work together. Some people have had lots of trouble. Others (myself included) see nothing but the random "hickup" during a battle.
  18. I am currently on my secong game -- not even off my first planet, following Telos. If you take the time to really work at the Influence system and get your character to talk more about their backgrounds, which also gives you the ability to make them Force capable, you get a lot more of the story and some of the questions are answered. I've already answered one of my "wtf" questions I had at the end of my first game. Now, not to sound like I'm defending this, I worked just as hard my first game but didn't catch on to how to really handle things until I was almost done. At least one (there are others) of the problems is that a lot of the story to this game is in *optional* dialogs. If you miss it, for whatever reason, you are screwed. I very much miss the story development from the first game.
  19. I'll have to double check when I fire the game up again. I just turned him, and still have a save game before I did so I'll check all the numbers. In the end, I don't think it matters since I never ran into anything that I couldn't handle with my first character on my first run through. She didn't have good repair or demolitions, letting Atton and Bao-Dur pick up the slack, but all of those situations where do-able w/ out those skills anyway. It's fun to turn Bao-Dur into the Jedi just to feel the accomplishment. Will I do it after I finish this run-through and start again... probably not. I only need 3 good Jedi characters to run around with after this game.
  20. I can't help directly with the battle, because I haven't reached that point. I had Disciple my first time through, and you don't have to fight him. One thing you can try is to jack yourself up on stimulants before the battle, if she prevents you from using them during it. This is a good way to make easy work of some similar battles on another planet. Sometimes the effects are not turned off when the battle starts. Quick question to you, if I could -- do you know the Influence points you hit with the Handmaiden? I can't get her to fight me again, so I am assuming I need to get more Influence. I'm only the first planet, so I'm not too worried.
  21. Just high influence. I was able to get Bao-Dur shortly after arriving on Nar Shaddaa (my first planet) my second time through. Check out the "[pWIKI] Influence Guide" to find points where you can gain Influence with him.
  22. Equip a shield that withstands energy, and get several Life Support Packs ready. When you first enter battle with her, press start and goto your inventory. Run down the list of all your stimulants and pop one of each. Activate your shield into your battle queue and then cast any Jedi status upgrades you have. Then queue your first attach and unpause. If you have Force Break, cast it. You will probably not be able to cast much of anything on Traya -- you'll have to fight. Be aware that if you hit start and select an item in your inventory it is used right away -- so you can heal yourself without waiting for the queue to run.
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