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  1. okay im kind of dumbfounded.... I was soooo looking forward to playing KOTOR 2 now im thinking i should have held my wallet for the PC version. I got a new X-Box for Christmas and with it TSL and I was a happy camper I loved the first one. To my dismay in about every snigle battle the framerate drops and my characters move so chopily that it isnt even funny. I would expect this from a slow PC but not a console game. I dont usually complain but somehow i feel cheated of my gameplay experience. I have heard rumors of other bugs as well that are causing problems. I can only wonder if there were this many bugs and the framerate drops this low how it could go un-noticed with in house testing? I dont want to return it but alas this is definatley a hinderance on my experience... Some sort of response on this would be appreciated.
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