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  1. I think your idea would be fun for a little while. Maybe after you beat the game you get to interact online using the pc that you've created throughout the game
  2. The story unravels into a steaming pile of **** covered ****!!! First off, i loved the first KotOR. Best game ever. However, this sequel was amazingly devoid of any sort of rational ending. Many questions arise throughout your journey that are left unanswered. Did i miss something?? I'm pretty sure i was paying attention as the storyline played itself out but then BAM! Sudden plot twist! and the entire story i'd been digesting for the past 42 hours just disintegrated like sand through my fingers. This plot twist wasn't like the last game where you could recall past conversations with Bastilla or the Jedi Masters and think "wow that makes a lot of sense!" That twist was perfect. It surprised you AND you embraced it. It worked to pull the plot together, leaving you with a good handle on the story as a whole. The twist in KotOR II does exactly the opposite. It doesn't pull the story together, it breaks the story apart and leaves you confused and frustrated at having scurried around the galaxy for the past 42 hours just to stumble upon the realization and ultimate conclusion that you know nothing. But hey, thats just my opinion.
  3. That works too but Dantooine was much easier than Korriban IMO
  4. Go to Dantooine first. I got 2 double-blades there
  5. Yea i had to taunt and kill the few guards at the exit but when i talked to the lady i got ls points for completing the quest so i ended up with basically nothing
  6. Ok i'm in the Refugee Camp on Nar Shaddaa and i've helped most of the people but i've been staggering about this maze for hours and can't seem to figure out the "Reuniting husband with wife" quest. I think i need to kill the Exchange Thugs but i can't draw my weapons and attack them or the overseer lady so i'm just running around and that's not helping much either. Can somebody PLEASE help me??
  7. What do YOU think the best LS force powers are??
  8. Is there any way to gain influence on Keirsha without gaining dark side points?
  9. Thanks for the help but who/what is visas?
  10. I've just completed everything on Telos and i'm wondering which planet i should travel to next. Which planet will grant me the lightsabre the quickest? Does the planet i choose affect the storyline? Enhance it?
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