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  1. Okay. Here goes. On Dxun I said to the ugly blue aliens, "Screw you, ugly blue aliens, mira is the bomb." I got influence. On Odneron I said to the kniving wench, "yeah i'll go ice them guard captain suckas because the pay is so sweet." I got influence. This ugly blue guy with tentacles on his head was like "mira you aren't the bomb!" and i was like, " Shut up ugly blue guy with tentacles on his head, you're a douche bag!" I got influence. Then me and mira chatted away on our ship the Black Birdy. I got told stories about her folks, why she don't kill people, and how she saved harrharrharr's brown furry ass and yes, I got influence too. Then I said, "Yo baby, you want to go to Nar Sha- DER to free your mind?" She was like "Nah..." where else can i get influence? please help. thank you.
  2. i know, i saw the guide and i only saw influence opportunities on odneron and dxun. places that are already out of the way.
  3. I was just hoping i could get someone to tell me as many ways to make Mira's influence go up so I could make her a Jedi. I saw the influence guide there were only two, one on Onderon and one on Dxun(when the Zhug brothers come after you). I did Dxun/Onderon the first planet after Telos, so am I screwed or what?
  4. Personally, I think there should be a new PC. Revan and the Exile should be in the game, I don't know about the party. I'd like to meet them maybe fight with them, but as far as an actual party member that would be too much. The only character that should be brought back is Jolee Bindo. WOO. He was awesome. In fact, he was so awesome, that i felt bad at the end of playing it dark side. I would also like to hear about Mission Vao getting killed. She was useless and I hope I never see her again. I like the idea of a Padawan, but there has got to be some juicy twist like there was in Kotor: the original. That story was awesome. Kotor2 the surprise was supposed to be.... well either you know or you don't whatever. Kotor1 is and would be hard to match, but damnit i want to see 'em come close! As much as I am confused about the exile, I think trying to answer Kotor2 questions in Kotor3 would be almost as bad as raising as many questions as they did in Kotor2. I like the influence but it sucks if you are darkside. Influence, I think should only be gained (unless you are a douche) you should control your parties' alignments by your conversations and advice on all of their personal problems. I would like to see the NPC sidequests come back. I though that was cool. All in all, Kotor2 isn't a great story, it's a great game, but it needs a Kotor3. And I understand the idea of leaving it incomplete so that there can be a huge buzz for a sequel, but it should stand alone aswell. Like Halo2, that just pissed me off. "I'm gonna finish this" ::Roll Credits:: No, **** let's go finish this!! wow... talk about off topic...
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