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  1. I don't mind prequels as you have so many examples of prequels being strong stories. Indian Jones and the Temple of Doom comes to mind off the top of my head. Oh, and I found a website that states that the Darca story is 6 months after Phantom Menace. I think that rumor started because people saw the image of Darth Nihilus in the preview for the comic and made a connection between the names... but of course that probably means that the 3 jedi run into Nihlus in the comic, I'd assume.
  2. So the Darca Nyls story is set just pre-jedi purge? I haven't gotten arount to ordering the last few issues of fof Darkhorse's site yet
  3. http://www.ugo.com/channels/comics/gallery...starwarstales23 It is due out March 23rd, and rumors still abound that the story of the lone and troubled Jedi Darca Nyls is an origin story for Darth Nihllus... has anyone picked up the first parts of the story to confirm or unconfirm the origin story rumor?
  4. http://www.ugo.com/channels/comics/gallery...starwarstales23
  5. Though I'm not one of those people who are completely against the consistent bashing of Sith Lords.. mainly because I feel that if people can't get a 25% refund for receiving 75% of a classic game then bitching here is their only recourse.. But aside from that I was thinking back to the bioware forums where guys made a huge list of suggestions for what they wanted added to the KOTOR system for two. And to Obsidian's credit they really put an effort into adding a lot of the things that the fans asked for ie, taking turns in Pazaak or trying to add a master-apprentice tone to 2... so with that in mind I figured I'd start a thread with things I'd like to see added and subtracted to make 3 a better game than 2. ~ Restoring swoop racing. Swoop rasing was the only game play part of things that I think bioware took a step back in. It just wasn't as smooth as the first game and the jump button didn't add as much as I thought it would. ~ I read somewhere that Chris Avelonne said that if they do 3 that he'd like it to be set way after 2 and stand alone. I think that'd be a good thing. Sure I'd like to address Revan going off to fight his war, but not in a direct way where you're a new character following Revan and the exile into battle. Which leads to my next point... ~ Make it smaller in scope. The whole concept of super weapons has been amazingly over done in SW's (KOTOR1 annoyed me with that) and the whole "I have to save the entire galaxy" thing was one part I didn't enjoy about 2. My suggestion would be to do a basic story of a jedi and his apprentice on an important mission and the strange cast of characters they meet along the way. Which leads to..... ~ I appreciate that Obsidian addressed an issue a lot of guys asked for on the bioware forum, but the master-apprentice concept in Sith Lords fell flat with me. I didn't like the concept of so many people in your party being able to become jedi, but I'll get to that later. If anything I'd like the new game to be about a Padawan approaching the point of knighthood and his master.. yes that'd nearly mean having two main characters. ~ I hated the concept of turning people into jedi. I know it was done because in the first game peopel tended to only use their jedi, but 2 wasn't as hard as 1 so you needed less power and I think that the special abilities of people like Atton, Mira etc really made them fun to take around with you for me. Not to mentiont hat Obsidian did a great job of making guns as valuable/powerful as melee weapons ~ Address Revan, but don't make the game about him. I think that took away from the Exile as he was still second place in his own game. Maybe add a manipulative undertone of the forgotten Sith empire sending a sneaky agent to weaken thggns so that they can easily destroy the Republic, but I'd make this game more about the padawan growing into his own as a jedi and less about waht Revan did and how he effected the Padawan. ~ Fix the save throws, shield strength and possibly restore the level cap and whatever else it takes for the third game not to be embarassingly easy the way 2 was. ~ Beta test the game!!! Its no way that things like speed and force armor not working should have happened. ~ Give the enemies you face some brains. In the original when you went again say Malak's apprentice, you actually had to worry about him using his force powers against you. I can't really think of any point in Sith Lords where an enemy actually attempts to use a force power. ~ Dump the random loot system. I don't even get why this was tried, but it was a big failure since it lacked any logic. You kill a droid and he drops a lightsaber or robes.. "Huh?" .. you kill a homeless guy and he has a lightsaber and jedi robes.. where is the logic? Well, what do you guys think should be added, subtracted to make 3 a better product?
  6. NJO is an aquired taste. I'm not a big fan of the concept of the force being good or bad, so it was on the money for me. I also liked that it could be taken that the Skywalker clan brought balance back to the force by helping the Vong re-establish their conenction with the help of Sekot. and I think the EU book that had Boba not being a clone was done before the prequels, and probably at a time when Lucas didn't even know Boba was a clone.
  7. Mira--- talk to her after the rescue and you'll say "I'd liek to show you the true Nar Shadda" or the such and take her to the point in front of the entertainment sector and she'll become a jedi... Atton-- easy, just make sure you take him to the refugee area with you and if your influence is high enough you'll keep flowing through his past and he's jedi.. Handmaiden-- Possible with influence and when you become level 18 you can enter the last fight with her and get her to become a jedi. Bao-Dur-- also easy. Have him do tech things. On Dantooine have him take apart the atmospheric sensors and on Nar Shadda take him into the refugee sector.. you'll get influence for healing the sick guy and when you put the speeder together you can have him inspect it. You can ask him to inspect it over and over again (though you on't need to) and he'll become a jedi through dialogue.
  8. I'll ask your opinion again when you finish the game, Aegis.. trust me, you'll go from joy to anger.
  9. Obsidian did a lot of things right and wrong and the biggest wrong thing was letting Lucas force them to release an unfinished product and ruin the reputation fo a fledgling company. Unless I'm mistaken Bioware walked them through how to make the engine, so its not liek they had to design it from scratch (though I don't understand such things, so who knows) I've seen a post on here from one of the OE staff members saying that those on this board are a minority in not enjoying the game, which isn't true at all because I have friends I've let borrow the game who all came back with negative reviews of it. It just so happens that the majority are telling people off-line not to bother, not posting on this board. And furthermore, this rumor about there being a 3 and all the loose plots from 2 being wrapped up.. that'd just piss me off more because I' d feel like I bought half-a-game, which I did... Plus it'll be sad to see some people going "See, that was their plan all along."
  10. I'll go with the obvious answer of "Whoever Lucas wants to win"
  11. I think I remember reading that in the very early stages she was considered for inclusion in KOTOR2, but later left out for some reason
  12. I think the problem with your consular build is that you're not taking into account that you get so many things that can boost your wisdom and charisma that there is no excuse to waste initial points on paying 2 for 15 and 16's. I'd go with the traditional 12 Strength 12 Dexterity 14 Constitution 14 Intelligence 12 Wisdom 14 Charisma and I'd add my 4, 8, 12, and 16 attribute level-ups all for constitution. The reason being that no matter what you'll have another FP so that whenever you use a FP towards the end of the game you'll regain it right away.. especially with the force techniques that the consulars learn. By going for the 18 on constitution you actually help your characters wisdom and charisma mo ebecause you'll run into thigns like the universal implant or certain D-implants focussing on mental upgrades. The exile crystal will add to your wisdom and charisma and you will always get the Ossus Keeper robes on Onderon that give you big bonusses in your mental attributes. Even with the random loot you'll also run into belts, head items, and gloves that bost your wisdom So basically, I'm saying that there is no upside to wasting attribute points going for the 16's early on when no matter what you'll end up with way too much FP for your own good and the such.... P.S. I also don't get the warning about consulars being for experienced players because I thought playing with a consular was easier. Don't even get me started on how retarded the game got once you had force crush and could even man-handle the giant storm beast.
  13. I can't believe you're having this hard of a time with the game, but if you go to www.gamebanshee.com and go to their KOTOR2 section they have detailed strategy write-ups for the tougher fights in the game. You can take out Malak's friends with force wave, and he's easy pickings after that... what powers do you have?
  14. You can influence Mira just by the tree to get her to the point where she can eb a jedi... once she agrees to let you show her Nar Shadda you take her to the point in front of the entrance to the sector with the bar and pazaak den and you teach her how to feel the planet as Kreia taught you... also try www.gamebanshee.com their KOTOR2 section has a complete walk through
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