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  1. Something for everyone!
  2. Logging in is good for you

  3. haha, if I ever leave a job and come back to it I hope this is the kind of welcome I get, Soul Calibur pimpin. Glad he's back too, I loved MoTB.
  4. higher resolutions have knocked jaggies down a little but AA is still the ****
  5. pretty sure darkhorse.com sells the tales of the jedi still
  6. They gave me one of my favorite games ever (DRAGON FORCE) Now I'll never see the ps2 remake translated. WD might have been super slow but they were a unique company for along time. It's a shame to see it close.
  7. Getting your saber from Atris was probably...cut
  8. Also, him fighting the Republic to "prepare it" is really unrealistic if you think about it. Anyone who knows war knows that war always weakens the nations involved. By doing what he did, he didn't prepare the Galaxy for the True Sith, he only weakened it. Maybe he's not as brilliant a strategist as Kreia thought. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Your forgetting something very important - Revan had the -Star Forge- to strengthen it back up duh - he just needed everyone to follow him and that was the only way to accomplish it. (the war)
  9. PC Emulators do it (emulate a console and improve framerate even without tweaking) running xbox games off the hard drive improve performance a little too
  10. Why would anyone bid on games that other companies have already continued? (Burnout, Narc, Simpsons) Wizards and Warriors was a smart pickup.
  11. First of all Mr. T rules second, I love the Revan mask, but the body of the armor is transgender sort of.
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