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  1. Kriea seems to have the most to add to the conversation when your PC is conversing with NPCs. the XP bonus was already mentioned. but, for sheer raining down of ranged death in combat, hands down, take Hanharr, max out his DEX, and stick a pair of pistols in his paws. He gets all the scout feats, including all precise shot feats, automatically, and he can easily do over 60 damage with each hand. Mira would probably be a more perfect ranged character with the ability to wear headgear, but Hanharr's bonuses to your character's stats are a lot to pass up.
  2. It only happened to me that one time. I've played through about ten times. On subsequent playthroughs, this didn't occur. It wasn't all that eventful when it did occur. No dialogue from Kreia, and no new dialogue options. I did think that the cost of getting to see those recordings (which was something in the neighborhood of 17 points into either Repair or Computer Use, point requirement dependent on Intelligence and Equipment attribute increases) was rather high, compared to its value. I mean, yes, you see some cool recordings, and you get to find out stuff about what happened to Revan through a route other than waiting for Kreia to tell you, but still. I figured that one time I triggered the beginning of what would have been some cutscene or something, but alas no. Good to see that one other person experienced it though.
  3. One time on a playthrough, when I first attempted to repair T3-M4 enough to see his recordings, I couldn't help but notice something weird. I was in the room on the Ebon Hawk near the ****pit, with that computer that you can't do anything with. Well, I was suddenly treated to shots of Kreia standing up from her perpetual meditative crouch and roaming the halls of the Ebon Hawk. I think it triggered right during of T3-M4's holorecording playbacks, with the audio of the holorecording still playing but with the video of Kreia walking the halls of the ship. After a couple different camera angles of her roaming around, she moved toward the part of the ship I was in and then stopped moving. She paused just outside of the doorway to that room I was in and seemed to be listening to the holorecording that T3-M4 was playing for me. Quite odd for a wizened Jedi witch who claims to be disinterested in droids. When the holorecording playback stopped and I was able to move my character again, I went outside the doorway, but she was not there. After a search I found her meditating in her room as usual. Nothing else of note happened, and no other glitches showed up in subsequent play of that game. This was on the Xbox. I wonder if maybe this was related to content cut from the game, since the droid planet was supposed to have played a larger role in the game. Anyone else ever encountered this?
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