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  1. PC Emulators do it (emulate a console and improve framerate even without tweaking) running xbox games off the hard drive improve performance a little too <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Well that's because people have had more time to work on those emulators. For example most SNES emulators now work flawlessly (People have been working on those for about 10 years). Microsoft has only been working on emulating the original Xbox for how long? Less than a year? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> KOTOR 1 and 2 are on the list of 200 games which are meant to be compatible, so someone at M
  2. I have a 360 and I'm in the UK, a rare case indeed lol. Nope don't plan to get of the Xbox but I don't plan on keeping it under my TV now that I have the 360, it's kinda pointless really. I have heard story's of it being worse than the Xbox version, I haven't even played the game before so I'm not sure what was actually bad about it in the first place, I only heard it had frame rate issues, what were the problems with it exactly? thanks in advance, btw the 360 is AWESOME!
  3. Is it better / worse than playing on the original Xbox? If it's worse is it still playable? What are the major complaints about this game technically? Is it mainly a frame rate thing? and where would I see the most problems i.e. when a certain battle happens etc. Are there any plans to improve the game through a patch or something (for xbox/xbox360)? I'm planning on getting this game to play on my new 360 as there aren't many 360 games I'm interested in, although I have a few like PGR 3, PDZ which are good.
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