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  1. Hmm... having to do that in the registry kinda sucks... Since all the games but KotOR seem to play right without that setting. It should, as someone said, be in the graphics options. Then it could be fixed easily.
  2. They probably had to take out the deleted Atris darkside skin due to potential copyright infringement with Disney. I'd almost be sure of it
  3. Not sure if this has been mentioned before, or if I've mentioned it, but... If the randomizer is used for loot generation, I'd like to see tiers and classes added to it... classes for 'remains' based on opponent difficulty/location. I don't like finding Jedi robes on gang members in the middle of Nar Shadda and such, they should be maybe on corpses or in containers around Dantooine, especially the Enclave. And the Enclave should always of course be short on blaster weapons, and armor. The tiering/class system would be more for contaiiners with loot. Basically: Three tiers of loot types: Ti
  4. Well, aside from M4-78 (was cut too early), I think we'll be seeing everything they were intending for the final cut, until the evil Lucas Empire squashed their deadline time. Too bad there isn't a patch that'll have a 'tiering' system for upgrades, based on how many security rolls were done to get them. K3 I guess.
  5. Don't forget the Hurrikane crystal. I forget its attack bonus, but it does like, +1-8 unstoppable, and has a chance of knockdown. (forget exact stats) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I have to do some checking, but I think I have it right. If not let me know! Jedi Robes, Armor, and Power Crystal Stats <{POST_SNAPBACK}> That looks to be right, yes Thanks For the record... I've only gotten that with mods, but it is /wonderful/ to have, at least until you do dantooine... There's another crystal not there. Willing to do notes on various stages of the <Pla
  6. Don't forget the Hurrikane crystal. I forget its attack bonus, but it does like, +1-8 unstoppable, and has a chance of knockdown. (forget exact stats)
  7. This is a known issue post-patch, I know for certain that picking 3 works properly, others have said that picking 1 before 2 does as well. But picking 2 first causes this error. Alternatively, look over at the K2 End Project, there's a fix for that posted there.
  8. *sigh* had this problem ever since I started playing it with the patch. I'll try the workaround now. Yay, it worked. I bet this is related to the fix for the bug where Atton didn't show up in the cell at this point, when Kreia was talkingto him... Just that the bugged it up and neither is in a cell, and dialog is bunged. <_<
  9. (w00t) *starts checking for updates daily* Yay!
  10. The planet with acid rain in the JK series was Vjun, where one of Darth Vader's strongholds was. Unless he found it left there from earlier areas, I doubt anything is there. Taspir III might have something on it, considering how industrialized it was by that point, but I doubt Vjun would, sorry. Both were in Jedi Academy.
  11. Which is exactly what I'd want to see in a KotNR game, after KotOR III. You could bump into and possibly be reporting to either Luke or Kyle Katarn, depending on who was on location or available. I would personally love seeing Mara as an NPC for a mission or two, but not as a 'permanent' group member. She'd be too far above the other characters.
  12. Hmm... I don't know what version of the patch you got, but mine from the autopatcher doesn't say that. *shrug*
  13. *scratches her head at Bounce* For some reason, I only see it starting with * Added voice lines for Opo Chono. Nothing about high-res movies or Music...
  14. Yes. I got the 4th core out of the missile bay, and it promptly wouldn't trigger the 4th point. I put cores in both the 'exposed' outside areas, and on one side of that cavein. But the other one is supposed to go on the opposite side of the cavein from the one, and that point is /not/ triggering. :/ Dun matter now anyway, I gotta botched with savegame editor, now I gotta play Citadel over again. I'll see if it happens another time.
  15. Too bad it doesn't fix the issue I just hit. I'm stuck on the Ravager because the location point for the 4th proton core won't trigger <_< Nice to hear about the Nar Shaddaa issue, I hit that a couple go-rounds ago as well.
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