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  1. Honestly I have never played Galaxies, I have no interest in doing so, but I think taking our beloved HK-47 and putting him in SWG cheapens the character and just shows how SWG is lacking in content. I do have to ask though, having seen the trailer, who are the weird demon looking guys in SWG? Honestly I think Lucas and some of his cohorts do a good enough job of damaging the SW universe and its lore. The Vong for example was increadibly stupid, especially since any group that could make weapons out of living organisms and cross the space between galaxies is many times more advanced than anyone in the SW galaxy. Also Lucas and the other writers like to use Deus ex machinas too much. Just a thought, but as a recurring literary device that is a pretty bad one and usually shows a lack of originality, it was used by writers in ancient times who wrote themselves into a hole and just needed an excuse for the situation to be resolved. Anyway, back on topic, HK-47 should have remained just in KOTOR.
  2. This is true, those in the West and in China saw Genghis Khan as a murderer and tyrant, while the Steppe peoples saw him as a bringer of peace of prosperity. We see Julius Caesar as a great leader, bascially the founder of the Roman empire, others see him as a brutal conquerer and the man that destroyed Roman "democracy." I think the simple truth is that any civilization that has been more powerful than its neighbors tends to eventually conquer them. Those who are PC often speak of Europe conquering North Africa and the Middle East, but before the Europeans did that the Moors conquered Spain and Portugal, so the simple truth is that who is good and who is bad is established by those in power.
  3. Yeah I kind of thought of them as the Huns too, until the Vong and that they kind of integrated with Galactic Society. Didn't really think of the South Native Americans, that could be something. I really kind of look at the as being the Goths: less urbanized, more martial, comprable weapons, and they eventually adopted Roman culture to an extent and integrated. The Iridorians could have a run at being possibly Aztec or Bersekers.
  4. Apparently a lot because they insisted for quite sometime that Odin and Woden weren't the same person, and then Thor's lightning went off in their head.
  5. Haha, I guess some people are more familiar with Woden, I actually argued with someone eventually convincing them that Odin and Woden are the same guy.
  6. MasterRevan, the ancient Germanic peoples and the ancient Norse are the same people. They both came from the Celtic proto-culture, which persisted amongst the Gauls, Britons and Iberians. The people in Germany, present day Denmark, and the southern coast of Sweden were the first Germanics. They all believed in Odin, Tyr, Aesir, etc. More interesting then the Immortals, what was the requirement if one wanted to be a member of the Boetian Sacred Band? The order of St. John would be an extreme rarity though, most groups just got their rocks off by taking some loot, raping some women, and killing civilians. LOL, sorry MasterRevan, I just noticed the little add on to your post, you can mostly ignore the original reply.
  7. Yeah, it seems that these codes rarely apply in reality. The Templar and Hospitaller (sic), did a fine job of protecting people, if by protecting you mean hacking to pieces. We often look back with rose colored glasses. The Romans and Greeks, who we often see as a high point of civilization, were exceedingly brutal and would mock us for our "morality".
  8. Like you I am a history buff, so as one I tend to look for possible inspiration for characters, peoples, etc in stories, games and movies. If you mean I am looking too much into this by identifying who could be who, maybe I am, but it would be interesting to see where the inspiration came from. I think we all know that some inspiration for the Empire was the Nazis, and that Vader's helmet was a cross between the German army helmet and that of a knight.
  9. Yeah, forgot about that somewhat, the Samurai we all think of was created by the Japanese war time government. Many of them did flee in battle, many of them were no better than common thugs, and you forgot to mention how they would take young boys on their journeys and use them. The Jedi, in my opinion, more closely resemble the Guardians found in Plato's Republic. Honor, state before family, defend the nation, and rule fairly and wisely being above corruption.
  10. I kind of agree with the view on the Vikings, I saw the Mandalorians as being more like the ancient Goths, the Yuuzhan Vong as being the Huns/Mongols, the Republic/Empire being ancient Rome, Coruscant being like Babylon/Rome, Alderaan being like Athens, and Corellia being somewhat like Carthage or Canaan. Kuat reminded me somewhat of colonial era Spain, big time ship builders, but they spent a lot of their money on luxury, and with no major source of income they will probably go somewhat broke in the EU. When I first saw the Echani in KoTOR I didn't really place them, but after seeing how they were represented in KoTOR II and then reading the story Die Nibelungen (the original not Wagner) and that whole warrior from the fog/cloud thing just really struck me as being how the Echani are portrayed in both KoTOR II and by the Wizards people. I always saw the Jedi as a cross between the Samurai and Plato's Guardian. Similar warrior code to the Samurai, but similar role and actions to the Guardian. The Guardian was not allowed to have a family, get married etc, their family was the state, the protected and ruled it as philosopher kings. I originaly thought of the Mandalorians as Huns until I saw that they integrated into Galactic society to an extent, and they were not that foreign. The Vong on the other hand are the Huns/Mongols, because they came from very far away, and were very foreign, exceedingly brutal, and did not integrate at all. I will say this, I have had a lot of trouble placing exactly who the Chiss are, if anyone has any ideas please feel free to share.
  11. Looking at he Echani in KoTOR II, where they actually modeled the Echani as white haired, light skinned and light eyed people that are exceptional warriors dressed in white, it occured to me that the inspiration for them, atleast for the Wizards of the Coast people were the Nibelungs in the story Die Nibelungenlied. The Nibelungs were warriors from the fog/clouds, they were honorable, exceptional fighters and seem remarkebly similar to the Echani. While most people like to cite the Samuraii for everything in Star Wars involving warriors, it seems to me as if the Druid like nature of the Echani in Atris academy, the cathedral like environment of the Telos academy, and their white hair, light skin, light eyes, and white clothes being indicative of a fog or cloud type image would suggest that they could most closely be indentified with the Nibelungs.
  12. I was thinking maybe the Exchange could be more than a criminal organization, if you look at their power on Taris and even on Nar Shadda they are more influential then the Hutts, and that says a lot. Plus they are very close nit, semi-neutral, and deal in many of the same things that the Radhanites dealt in: slaves, weapons, high value items, and spice(s). Maybe give the Exchange a "homeworld" of sorts, and given how the Exchange bosses are quasi-noble they could have competing families on said homeworld. Though maybe the creation of a true culture and organization/civilization would be better than retooling the Exchange, once again it would also give us a break from Czerka.
  13. I think if we are seeing the "true" Sith in this game then we will be going to something similar to Za'ha'dum in Ziost.
  14. As interesting as Ossus, Coruscant, and other planets from the games or movies could be, it would be interesting to create an entirely new world. Or a new take on an old world, I thought Nar Shadda to be very interesting because it was like Taris in the first game, just darker and much more alive. Taris actually did have potential as the planet that once rivaled Coruscant, but then it got scorched, so not much there. I wouldn't necessarily want to visit Bespin now because Tibanopolis, or whatever it was called, is just a giant floating refinery. Dxun was cool because it was almost like going to Mandalore, due to the Mandalorians reorganizing the clans on Dxun. It would be nice to have a world where what you do on it has a direct effect on the game. Which is why I thought a true trading and financial nexus would be good because if you switch it to one side then there is a very real effect on the galaxy. A resources rich planet could be interesting too since that make the weapons of your ally or enemy stronger, give you better access to items. Like say you help out the Sith and you are a Dark Jedi you could have greater access to cheaper and better Sith robes, artifacts etc.
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