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  1. im a light side female. i just had the converstation with Atris. now when Atris leaves the converstation, i go back to the main circurlar chamber where you came in from. and atton is lying on the floor and kreia is sitting down meditating. when i talk to Atton, i get the following dialog choices... 1. [cheat node] jump to the PC confrontation with Atris. 2. [cheat node] continue with Kreia converstaion. well if i choose 2, then nothing happens. if i talk to kreia, nothing happens. if i select 1, then it replays the converstaition i had with Atris. ive done this conversation like 5 times now, and now the only response left to say at the beginnign is that im hear because of revenge. i seem to get light side points every time i do this converstaion. i have NOT done any cheats or anything the only thign i have done was install the patch. has this happened to anyone before? because i cannot leave this place cause if i go to the Ebon HAwk, it says i need my companions, but i cannot get my companions. bao dur is lying down in a force field chamber and i cant talk with him. atton is the only one i can, and i only get those stupid cheat node things. im stuck. also when i do the atris converstaion, she gets caught in the room she medidates in, like the door closes before she can even get out of it, so every time the camera moves to show something, no one is there. its all messed up. also, i reloaded my game from the autosave, by doing so it brings me back to the cutscene where i crash land on the polar region of telos. and i have to fight those HK droids. i do that then i go back into the place where atris is, and even before i do anything in there i talk with atton, and kreia, who are standing next to me, and atton says the same thing about the dang cheat nodes. i cant do anything
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