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  1. My hand eye coordination is the stuff of legends. It is a wonder that I have a driver's license. No really: the driver's test was a terror for me. I also made the papers in my town when I sneezed violently while driving and desimated a monstrous RV that was parked in front of the post office. I was dubbed Guttergirl when I went bowling with friends and apparently I broke some kind of record for not hitting a single pin in an entire game. Their big jokey was that my mind was always in the gutter: haha =P My Indian nickname at summer camp was 'Scratches-with-Style' due to a series of u
  2. On Telos, outside the cantina, a poor Sullustan was being hassled by some mercenaries. Being the perky and sweet Exile that I am, I rushed to his assistance. Just as the combat began, and I clicked on my first force power, the game broke off into a movie of Nihilous and Visas (the one where Visas gets choked). Is that normal? or is my save bugged? After the movie finished, I was still paused just after the first power activated. I finished the combat and went on my merry way. Has this happened to anyone else? And speaking of that movie. Nihilous sure has a creepy voice. I think it wou
  3. Thank you for the reply, Cactus. I am not going to worry about it then. The good news is that other than the clicks when I start the game, there is a lot of time between movies
  4. Thank you so much for the replies. Truly, it is rather disheartening to hear that there is little to no romance in TSL. Shame! I am easy to please too! So Obsidian and the LA Sith would not have had to put much work into it. For example, Carth was a lovely romance to me and there was not a huge amount of dialog attached to that storyline. Really though, Carth is more of a man of actions. If I were Revan, I would be barefoot and pregnant with his 11th child by now... Swoon. Disciple, however, is completely unappealing to me. Forgive me if some of you all see him as a romantic hero. To
  5. Summary: Can someone tell me how to get the movies to run at a refresh rate of 85? THE GOOD Fun game, lub it. THE BAD All of my applications and desktop in Windows XP run at a refresh rate of 100. But Kotor2 only allows 85. So I painstakingly changed all of my programs and desktop to a horrid refresh rate of 85 so I can run the program. THE UGLY Now that I have made the change to 85 away from my beloved 100, the program still 'clicks in and out of different refresh rates for movies! HELP! I am told by a nerdy friend that this constant clicking is VERY bad for my monitor
  6. I decided to dust off my TSL game and play through for a second time--it has been ages since I finished. I realize that the developers were forced to rush and so a great deal of the romance material was cut. Still, I would like to know which NPC has the most elaborate dialog options and most developed romance before I play through again. Usually, I play female characters because I am female and have never wanted to play a sweaty male; but if that is what is necessary to get my romantic story fix, then so be it. My first play through was female Lightside and I tried everything to ca
  7. Thank you for the help, adrich81! I am told I have an ATI 9800 PRO. And I went into setting and specified 100 Hz as refresh rate override. I also changed the dxdiag one to 100 Hz, though it seems that it was already set for that (maybe the ATI program did it when I selected override?) My question is this: how do I avoid blowing everything up if I load a program that happens to be in 1280x1024 which has a maximum refresh rate on my computer of 75 Hz. Does this override mean it would try to display that resolution at 100 Hz and cause damage? Thank you!
  8. My desktop is set at 100 Hz screen refresh rate. The highest I can set the game is 85 Hz. Also, the movies are being shown at another refresh rate from what you set your game: 60 Hz, I think? 1. Can I set Kotor 2 to 100 Hz in game? 2. Can I set the movies to 100 Hz? I am thinking that worst case, I could set the game at 85 Hz, my desktop at 85 Hz, and then someone could tell me how to set the movies at 85 Hz and then I could have some peace As it stands, I get the change refresh click and blackout every time I start the game (several clicks here, for some odd reason), a movie
  9. Thank you for the reply, Tmp. I did not explain myself well enough. I was getting frustrated with force powers not landing. The bad guys saved very often even with my high Wis. I was asking what level Wis/Cha is high enough to avoid the enemy saving often As an example, I just stopped using Force Kill, because the enemy saved so often that it was a waste. I would cast it many times in succession and it would not stick. I played light side, so maybe that had something to do with it. Though, I thought it would only make the power more expensive and not less effective.
  10. I am still trying to decide how to play through because of just this issue. My first time through, force powers would rarely stick on anything except the weakest opponents. I found this very frustrating and a little confusing because of my higher wis. For a lightside character, what level of WIS/CHA is required to make your offensive force powers work often (DS lightning, etc.)?
  11. Thank you all for the great--and entertaining--replies! 1. I am still looking for the most comprehensive walkthrough possible. So if anyone knows of a really extra complete one, then please give me a link 2. The mention of the game being rushed and incomplete by Lucas Arts makes me sad. My question is: has anyone pieced together the story from these extra parts? I do not mean modders, I am just wondering if the whole story has been solidified based on the unused portions that people have found on the CD (as mentioned a post above)? And if so, where can I read about it? :cool: 3.
  12. Thank you for the great replies, you all! The Great Phantom: I would love some links to complete walkthroughs, if possible; especially, if they show dialog options. This way when I complete a planet/area, I can see if I missed anything story wise. Master Dahvernas: I will start with 16 Intelligence this time and put points into Presuade and Awareness first. As you suggest, I will avoid the droids as well. Though, not using HK-47 is a crime! He was absolutely hysterical in Kotor 1, even as a staunch, card carrying, lightsider. What are the other skills/attributes that are important to t
  13. I finished the game today as a light side female sentinel watchman. I enjoyed the game. My Revan was a female lightsider as well which alters the story of the Exile, I think. ENDING The ending was confusing and I felt that it detracted a bit from the ending in the first game because it turns out the my Revan has not been seen in years and is apparently out trying to face a threat from, according to Kreia, the 'real Sith.' Whoever they may be. I love happy endings and for me, Kotor 1 was a happy ending. I thought that perhaps Revan would go on more adventures but would settle down w
  14. I went to Dxun and during the assault on the Mandalorian camp I decided to avail myself of the fact that you can keep fighting as long as you like until you are ready to get on the shuttle. I read that your level does not much matter because everything scales up with you and so I thought, fun! I will get a few levels to add a couple of feats to play with to my character. BUT OH MY GOSH! It takes a year and a day of seriously painful fighting to get a single level here. None of my force powers stick on these Assassin guys (well, they do, but it takes literally 5 or 6 casts for a stun po
  15. Thank you Do you think Dual Sabers or Single Saber? And any other nice feats for a Consular?
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