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  1. It depends what sort of character you're trying to build - ATM I'm trying to create somebody who just cannot be hit so I'll be on the lookout for defense/dex/wisdom boosting items (I plan to spar with Handmaiden and get the wisdom bonus to defense)
  2. I took him round Dxun and Onderon - storming the palace with HK at my side, bringing death and destruction to all
  3. Handmaiden looks amazing with her white robes and a dual-bladed silver saber, but for me it's got to be Viridian, at least for "My saber" that Atris carries - I just think it adds to the mysticism of the Exile in regard to the order
  4. He kills you by waddling around and nibbling you but you can't move because you fear you'll offend him, the poor mutant lobster...
  5. And where is optimism rife in the Star Wars universe? The glactic empire has enslaved the galaxy in the first films, there's a small pocket of resistance that isn't expected to last much longer and from all we've seen so far, the events leading up to such circumstnaces involve a republic that was failing its citizens for a long time anyway There's not a lot to be optimistic about in the Star Wars universe until the end of Ep 6 IMO
  6. I just loved HK-47 as a DS Guardian/Marauder HK: "You are like a delightful random cruelty generator, master..." ME: "Stick with me, you'll learn a few tricks" HK: "Oh I already have, master" Or something like that
  7. Darth Barabus, Lord of Pitying The Foo' and Not Gettin' On That Damnded Plane
  8. Other than stopping you being able to do what Darth Traya wants you to do? I assume that, if you are cut from the Force, you won't be able to affect the force-sensitive people anymore
  9. OK I was just thinking (And I'm probably way off mark here) but does Traya at the end in any way resemble the way you've levelled up Kreia during the game? I'm asking because I couldn't remember for the life of me which powers and feats I'd given her and she was quite difficult to defeat IMO I was wondering if she'd be easier if I'd given her different feats and/or powers on her way through - or just not levelled her up at all Like I said I doubt it'd work but I'd find it amusing fighting a level 5 Darth Traya at the end
  10. Yeah but it's fun to vote that option anyway
  11. Really, that's how it works? No wonder I didn't get that other person last time
  12. I don't believe that the Ebon Hawk will feature in KotOR III because THERE'S ABOUT TO BE A SPOILER if you play as dark side, it gets destroyed when you confront Darth Traya at the end of KotOR II END OF SPOILER
  13. http://forums.obsidianent.com/index.php?showtopic=30377 the class feat progression tables
  14. When Atton has to fight the Twin Suns they succummed (succame?) to the "I won't move even though you've told me to attck" glitch that afflicts me SO SO much As a result, Atton wsa able to stand in the middle of the cantina and blast them to Kingdom Come without suffering any damage Result!
  15. Is that the HK droid you pick up and then randomly explodes?
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