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  1. Sorry, just heard the news of the men who were featured in the BoB documentary series died since it's release, the following: Fred T. "Moose" Heyliger Robert E. "Popeye" Wynn Lester Hashey C. Carwood Lipton John W Martin Denver "Bull" Randleman Anyway, these guys were in the Series, talking about their experiences. Just for anyone that's interested, they have passed away since it's release.
  2. From this day to the ending of the world, we in it shall be remembered. We few, we lucky few, we band of brothers.. For he today that sheds his blood with me, shall be my brother. In rememberence of Seargent Johnny Martin. died 1/26/2005 and the other men who died in easy company, 506 PIR, 101st Airbourne. (sorry folks had to mention it.)
  3. impressive, eji. How about some saber combat? maybe the fight with nihilis?
  4. Darth Shizzle... He's the sith with punkass attitude, baby.
  5. Woah, you're right. it DOES look like it. I hated that suit.
  6. What made the fight with Nihillis more laughable though, was, you hit him a couple of times bring him to about 1/2 health. then the fight stops and Visas says 'He's too powerful, he's going to kill us!' and the exile says something like 'Keep... trying...' then you own him in 2 moves. Rubbishness
  7. no, it's a red herring. ignore it.
  8. For a moment there, I had also thought that Kreia was Bastila who fell out with Darth Revan and who burnt her eyes out. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> That's quite an imagination you have there, Soviet.
  9. Baldur's Gate 3? groan. Please don't. It's fine the way it is. don't ruin it. ESPECIALLY if it's not Bioware. The story finished okay? And it was great, but now It's over.
  10. I first suspected I might be Revan on 3 main facts: Ebon Hawk Hk-47 T3-M4 It seemed that, After the previous game, Revan wasn't going to lose the Hawk to just anyone. I thought he'd keep it, especially the droids.
  11. Isn't it annoying when people place 'lol' after everything they say? oh, They're not Twi'Lek Tails, that's just her hair. From what I can tell, Kriea is a human, just old and blind. She uses the force to guide her around. *shrug*
  12. ah, I thought that too, but it's perfectly possible that the Exile was just covering up. I mean, some of the lines say that he is pretending. for example: When Atton says Revan was evil, you correct him by saying 'No, he wasn't' Definitly could be thought as the Exile covering up.
  13. Interesting. I would think that Revan would be a strong consular, because he was once a very powerful jedi, which comes with plenty of power. The exile, would be the best Sentinal, becasue of the amount of time he has spent without the force. you can see he used many skills and then became attuned to the force again. Malak, Guardian, obviously becasue of his strong combat nature.
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