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  1. This is my Barden Saper (generated name) Jedi Guardian/Jedi Weaponmaster. Quite powerful indeed and I DON'T have a doubt that many people can go to 30 or 35, but... whatever. Actually I don't remember my starting points exactly but I'll try to write them: Str 14 Dex 12 Const 14 Intelligence 10 Wisdom 15 Cha 12 For your Consular I'll opt for constitution 16 and then 18 to use the best implants. I don't have 18 constutition and I feel a little bit sorry for not using the best implants in the game. Physical D-boost give +3 to the prime: Strength, Dex and Const. You will have plent
  2. Despite that Soldier/Guardian is the best combo in the first game - that's your optinion... I still think he is Guardian with a bit of Consular - Wisdom and lots of Force Points. That's why IMHO Soldier/Jedi Guardian was immensly powerful combo with lots of FP. About the subtopic - English does really need it.
  3. ok, this is far from the "woman-vs.-man"-Revan topic, but it's about Revan again. What classes should be most suitable for the pair? The trio (Revan, Malak, Exile) perhaps were the strongest leaders against the Mandalorians. Yeah, you can chose the class for both Revan and Exile, but what class will suit them best. What class will suit Revan? Personally, I think Malak was clearly Dark Jedi Guardian, who although had good knowledge of tactics wasn't so exceptional and great as Revan. Speaking of Revan I think she/he was a blend of more Guardian and less Consular, and greater lightsaber figh
  4. yeah, but this three lightsabers aren't much of a challenge considering the fact that if you put Master Speed on yourself you'll take on with two attacking sequences with Flurry. 3 attacks by Flurry and 1 or 2 by Master Speed, you shouldn't have much of a problem with her. Also these lightsabers are quite funny. They were chasing me and I was running a bit for fun. After that I stepped on the main platform and the lightsabers were just standing there watchin me killing Traya like a piece of cake... Difficult, yeah?
  5. well, since I started it, I'll try to close it. looking at this post I see it's getting nowhere with all the "men against women" quarrels. I'm proposing to close this issue, because I think there is nothing more we can say, except what is already said (or perhaps another lecture by Roma
  6. Jedi Guardian/Jedi Weapon Master 16|10. 400 VP| 450 FP. Few mates said they were 15|12 or 15|13, but... it really isn't such a big deal. I really don't know how more can one level beside level 30, but all well, there are geeks who play more carefully than me. If you wanna play the game in every detail, have all the Crystals and best goods - go on - do it. But, it's not for me. My Guardian was very powerful, clearing latest levels like Wolverine's Claws through hot butter. I played for entertainment and the story.
  7. yeah, but the biggest jedi heroes as Ulic Quel-Droma, Bontu Sitmus, Yoda, Luke Skywalker were all male. So deal with it. Jedi protagonists should be male ....
  8. So? Does Bastila make an appearance? If Onasi is there does he have different lines beside those that obviously is clear that he loves (female) her? We don't wanna Revan bisexual...
  9. I agree... I beat Sion the first couple of times with Force Push only. Despite the fact that he wasn't frozen of the move, yet it was hilarious battle. I saved before the game and then just for fun, I put on me Force Immunity, Master Force Speed and Master Force Valor. Then I pounced him. He didn't had the chance. Well, it was three times battle than what I did to Traya. She was easier even than Sion. Yeah, I guess it would be funnier to have the bosses reatreating with minions. But I guess that the minions wouldn't do much better, after I was cutting through Malachor like Wolverine's claw
  10. in fact the battle against Malak wasn't so difficult. you punch-up him once and then go and destroy all the cells, containing Jedi. then you knock him for good. and he wasn't so difficult with my Light Side male protagonist. I would be satisfied if the final battle was with Bastila and Malak gives another tough oponent against her. thus you'll have to fight Malak and with your battle against Malak depends Bastila win against her oponent (a Rankor, or mega tough master Sith lord, or something). or like after your battle with Bastila (if you play male) she'll help you with here Battle Medit
  11. ok, you win, I lose. I give up really to discuss this... it's nice, but it's kinda nervous. for story-line reasons I think that Revan should've been only male and male outstanding. and Bastila/Revan relationship and personal stories are more interesting than Carth/Revan ones. oh and btw... Carth sux... Canderous is the man!
  12. DUDES, didn't Lucas Arts intend Revan to be male?! Oh and another thing. I agree with Aegis. Before the ending, I thought that the Exile will die too. I felt this was the natural thing to happen. Closing the wound, feeling the gap in the Force. With my final steps being taken in the end, I was feeling like my character would die and everything will end with this. his suffering, emptiness, gap... and when this didn't happen and all I saw was the final credits, I felt a little bit unsatisfied. why? why didn't the Exile died? he should've died. it would be better this way. But if Obsid
  13. so... does this bring Bastila in the game? I don't remember this conversation and if it just a minor change, I don't wanna bother to remake the entire game again... jesus.... I just did today... It would be suicidal... well, Hannibal Barka, Julius Caeser, Charlemagne and Chinghiz Khan were all male and they were brilliant strategists. No offence, but I can't remember a female one, who can stand close to them. and a woman can be charismatic and autorative figure, but what I'm saying is that a man is more potentially strong and emotionally self-centered than a woman. I think the
  14. don't get me wrong, i don't hate women. especially not my love interest . but, yet I'm against refering Revan as a woman. it would be better and Revan should be refered as a man. I think that a man is more potential and stronger to turn of the Galactic uspide down, become Dark Lord, then get brainwashed and turn against his former student to a total victory. yet again, it would be far more interesting if Bastila showed in the second game as a worthy advisor. granted Carth is fits well, but if Bastila was there I'd be more than happier than that. as I said the game is more worthwile as
  15. ok, we are at the end of the game. finishing the latest planet and... here comes the jedi training. but what the point? yeah, they wanna cut you again of the force in a Aes Sedai manner. really what the point? why bothering teaching you, when they'll strip you in a couple of a few days (if the journey between Dantoine or Nar Shadaa or Dxun is equal to that)... it's a paradox. why teaching you when they'll strip you of the force and all your abilities again. i think this is something worthwile thinking about. it would be better if the dead Jedi in Korriban were alive and thus would teach you so
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