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  1. I would suggest you check your facts. There is a TON of story and storyline missions in Guild Wars. Far more than pretty much every MMORPG on the market. And Guild Wars is no "mmorpg wannabe". Far from it. Btw, this whole patch fiasco is starting to get really frigging ridiculous. Nice going LucasArts. Maybe you can rape the franchise a bit more? Creston
  2. *cough* crappy Q&A *cough Good to see the patch was delayed for 6 weeks for Q&A, and something as simple as this doesn't get discovered. Being a Q&A tester must be the easiest job in the world. You can simply NOT DO your job, and still get paid! Oh well, at least there's a way around it. Any word on that movie / music patch? That was only going to be "A few days". I guess that's the same kind of few days as the now infamous "Soon"? Creston
  3. "This is how we do it in the Old Republic, b*tch!" Creston
  4. Mwahahahaha ! The XBox sound is powered by some kind of nFORCE SoundStorm, which is far far best than any other integrated chipset that most of the PC use now. Unless you have a real sound card like an Audigy or some Terratec, the PC won't make better sound. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Wow... You sound like a moron. You swear people don't use sound cards [ <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Actually, he's right. The Nvidia SoundSTORM chipset was by far the best integrated sound chipset we've seen yet on the PC platform. There is a reason there was a massive uproar over
  5. Someone needs a refresher course on the definition of a "couple"... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I like to 'expand' my definitions of things And don't ruin my little fantasy <G> Creston
  6. :D Hmmmm, Handmaiden, Bastila and Visas... <G> Creston
  7. Oh the irony. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Oh the sarcasm. I hate everything related to the new republic, they stink. I'll stay Old Skewl. Creston
  8. Dahvernas, Any chance you can email me that file? creston at cox dot net If it works well, perhaps some of the Mod teams can host the file for you. Btw, excellent thinking there Creston
  9. Not only that, but the named mandalorians never die, they will keep fighting at 1% or so of their health. So if you're ever in danger of almost being killed (which I can't imagine since the game is so easy, but hey), just walk away for awhile and let the Mandalorians handle it. I probably levelled three times or so before I accidentally stumbled over the trigger. Ofcourse, in my second game, I WANTED to fight more assassins, and was never able to. Only six of them or so and let's go. NOOOO... Creston
  10. I was rather disappointed in his comments, too, and not just because of the shortness. He, um, doesn't really seem too thrilled with his work or the gaming industry in general. =/ I find Ragnar T
  11. Actually, vader is father in Dutch. In german it would be Vater. Creston Edit : Oops, didn't see that some other peeps had already mentioned this. My bad.
  12. I think Darth LucasArts will be the final dark jedi for KOTOR3. He uses lots of conniving methods to keep you off your feet, then while halfway through the game, he forces you to finish it within the next ten minutes, or he formats your harddrives. In your final battle against him, he keeps flinging Force NDA against you, causing you to be unable to take action against him and his vile ways. Creston
  13. Yeah this is a bug. Apparently you have one time not finished the race, either by blowing up or forfeiting, and this immediately ruins any chance you have of finishing any of your next races. This game was sure playtested well, wasn't it? Only shot you have is reloading a save before you started racing. Creston
  14. Don't hold back Dranoel, tell us how you really feel :D Creston
  15. I actually liked how thoroughly evil you got in Kotor 2. If you'll recall, the Emperor didn't really look all that snazzy either (had that monstrous vein running straight across his noggin), and I'd dare say that old Darth didn't look very chipper either once Luke pries his helmet off I loved all the remarks the NPCs were making about how crappy you look :D And that they look older, well, I guess in a way they do, since it can easily be said that the Dark Side sucks the life out from whomever wields it. I liked it, much more prevalent than in Kotor 1. Creston
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