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  1. I would suggest you check your facts. There is a TON of story and storyline missions in Guild Wars. Far more than pretty much every MMORPG on the market. And Guild Wars is no "mmorpg wannabe". Far from it. Btw, this whole patch fiasco is starting to get really frigging ridiculous. Nice going LucasArts. Maybe you can rape the franchise a bit more? Creston
  2. *cough* crappy Q&A *cough Good to see the patch was delayed for 6 weeks for Q&A, and something as simple as this doesn't get discovered. Being a Q&A tester must be the easiest job in the world. You can simply NOT DO your job, and still get paid! Oh well, at least there's a way around it. Any word on that movie / music patch? That was only going to be "A few days". I guess that's the same kind of few days as the now infamous "Soon"? Creston
  3. "This is how we do it in the Old Republic, b*tch!" Creston
  4. Mwahahahaha ! The XBox sound is powered by some kind of nFORCE SoundStorm, which is far far best than any other integrated chipset that most of the PC use now. Unless you have a real sound card like an Audigy or some Terratec, the PC won't make better sound. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Wow... You sound like a moron. You swear people don't use sound cards [ <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Actually, he's right. The Nvidia SoundSTORM chipset was by far the best integrated sound chipset we've seen yet on the PC platform. There is a reason there was a massive uproar over Nvidia's decision to not include it on the nForce 3 (and 4) chipsets. If I could get a modern motherboard with a soundSTORM on it, I'd buy it in an instant and throw my GF)*Y)ET*$ Audigy in the trash. (not necessarily because it's any worse, but because Creative has mentally handicapped monkeys without hands from Darker Zambia writing their drivers) I think you'd be surprised how many people actually use that POS Realtek AC97 codec that's integrated in their motherboard (I believe Valve's "inspection" of computers with Steam on it showed that it was somewhere around 35-40%, which is a HUGE number if you think about it). Creston
  5. Someone needs a refresher course on the definition of a "couple"... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I like to 'expand' my definitions of things And don't ruin my little fantasy <G> Creston
  6. :D Hmmmm, Handmaiden, Bastila and Visas... <G> Creston
  7. Oh the irony. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Oh the sarcasm. I hate everything related to the new republic, they stink. I'll stay Old Skewl. Creston
  8. Dahvernas, Any chance you can email me that file? creston at cox dot net If it works well, perhaps some of the Mod teams can host the file for you. Btw, excellent thinking there Creston
  9. Not only that, but the named mandalorians never die, they will keep fighting at 1% or so of their health. So if you're ever in danger of almost being killed (which I can't imagine since the game is so easy, but hey), just walk away for awhile and let the Mandalorians handle it. I probably levelled three times or so before I accidentally stumbled over the trigger. Ofcourse, in my second game, I WANTED to fight more assassins, and was never able to. Only six of them or so and let's go. NOOOO... Creston
  10. I was rather disappointed in his comments, too, and not just because of the shortness. He, um, doesn't really seem too thrilled with his work or the gaming industry in general. =/ I find Ragnar T
  11. Actually, vader is father in Dutch. In german it would be Vater. Creston Edit : Oops, didn't see that some other peeps had already mentioned this. My bad.
  12. I think Darth LucasArts will be the final dark jedi for KOTOR3. He uses lots of conniving methods to keep you off your feet, then while halfway through the game, he forces you to finish it within the next ten minutes, or he formats your harddrives. In your final battle against him, he keeps flinging Force NDA against you, causing you to be unable to take action against him and his vile ways. Creston
  13. Yeah this is a bug. Apparently you have one time not finished the race, either by blowing up or forfeiting, and this immediately ruins any chance you have of finishing any of your next races. This game was sure playtested well, wasn't it? Only shot you have is reloading a save before you started racing. Creston
  14. Don't hold back Dranoel, tell us how you really feel :D Creston
  15. I actually liked how thoroughly evil you got in Kotor 2. If you'll recall, the Emperor didn't really look all that snazzy either (had that monstrous vein running straight across his noggin), and I'd dare say that old Darth didn't look very chipper either once Luke pries his helmet off I loved all the remarks the NPCs were making about how crappy you look :D And that they look older, well, I guess in a way they do, since it can easily be said that the Dark Side sucks the life out from whomever wields it. I liked it, much more prevalent than in Kotor 1. Creston
  16. Actually, I found HanHarr's thoughts to be more psychotic than anything else. You don't want your tribe to be captured, so you singlehandedly murder every single one of them, choking them to death with your own bare hands? That's the kind of wisdom that Ted Bundy would have come up with. That your DARK SIDE character sees this as profound wisdom, well... Creston
  17. Well, use of disabling force power aside (she used one on me once, and chopped off half of my VP before I could get back in the game), she's not really that difficult, imo, especially not if your character is level 28+ (where it's supposed to be). Btw, you can still go in your inventory screen and use medpacks every round if you're disabled. " Grrr, wisdom 63 as a DS consular, Traya = Cheatur! Hehe Creston
  18. I give computer support to people like you " I wonder what that says about me.... Creston
  19. Deleted first part of this post, since it was a bit of a d'oh ----------- I do respect the email that Fearqus(sic?) sent back to our one reader who was kind enough to post his email on this thread. I can understand that they are new and that their hands are tied in what they can do. Also, I think that support for modding is going to be non-existant, since LA HATES any and all modding done to Star Wars games. (mostly because of the possible changes to canon storylines) However, Obsidian, I hope you understand that despite your apologies and that you say "have learned from your mistakes", your next games are NOT going to be bought sight unseen by me. And despite the post on the NWN forums that states that you are working for a completely different publisher now, I would like to remind you that said publisher is Atari / Infogrames, who have just as much of a penchant for forcing early releases as LucasArts has. The Temple of Elemental Evil comes readily to mind. Also, I would like to remind you that simply sucking up to a publisher's demands will in no way guarantee that you can continue to exist as a developer, if it leads to grossly unfinished games. Again, see Troika. I can only hope that you truly HAVE learned from your mistakes, and that you are aware that what you have done IS indeed a mistake. New games are coming out, and Kotor2 is probably going to wind up uninstalled sometime soon, after a mere two playthroughs. While the game and the story are excellent, the complete lack of any kind of ending or closure just leaves a sour taste in my mouth everytime I watch those ending credits roll. Time for Act of War, methinks. Creston
  20. My Guardian/Marauder was doing (according to the equip screen) 48-105 per blow with his double bladed saber, and had five attacks per round (2 basic, 2 from fury and one from Master Flurry). You gotta love the weaponmaster / marauder :D Ofcourse, he had 43 strength unbuffed, which does really help. This was actually without the top of the line upgrades, since I didn't have the skills for it. I probably could have gone to about 55-115 or so with the top upgrades. Creston
  21. ?? I still don't understand why people need to resort to all kind of tricks to beat Traya?? My defense build hardly got hit by her, ofcourse he had defense 62 against her, so she missed quite often. The three lightsabers were a bit trickier, because 5 points of that defense came from the stance, and against multiple opponents that went to -3 (for a defense of 54), but if you just maneuver around a bit and make sure only one can hit you at a time, it's easy enough. Used perhaps two heals and two medpacks. My damage build savaged her so badly she barely got a few licks in herself. It's always amusing to see a list of numbers like 78, 89, 143, 88, 93 show up above her head :D Ofcourse, both characters were pretty high level, the defense build was lvl 30 and the damage build was lvl 35, so that would probably have a bit to do with it. Both were played on difficult. I actually found Darth Nihilus slightly more difficult, since he just seemed to do more damage than Traya. Creston
  22. I haven't actually played through as a female character yet, but I have to say that the "romances" for the male character are pretty lacking when compared to the first Kotor. Visas - Comes out of nowhere, immediately says that she will die for you (errr, what?), then Kreia told me I shouldn't mate with her, when I hadn't EVEN TALKED TO VISAS YET (errrrrr, WHAT???) and is then never talked about again, until just the end before the Ravager, when Visas makes a marginally decent romantic effort. Handmaiden - It builds up marginally well with her, but then goes absolutely nowhere, except for one point where you can say to her that you were scared she was dead (after the Atris fight). Mira - Blablabla, if we share a bunk, the other girls would hate me, and you're too old. That's the extent of the male character romances. Impressed you are, hmmm? No? Then again, perhaps we are being slightly too harsh on Obsidian here. It took Bioware (and David Gaider especially) a few attempts to get some decent romances going in their RPGs as well, especially for female characters. Creston
  23. My wife always wonders the same thing :D Actually, it helps if you pretend that you're just acting. Try to place yourself into the shoes of the evil character, and find some justification for what you are doing. That always helps me deal with the really evil parts. My toughest moment when playing evil actually came when I was facing Master Kavar, and he basically said "you're blaming us, and killing us, for what was supposedly done to you, and none of it was our design", or something to that extent. Up to that point, I had simply been going "yeah, cast me out, huh? How do you like me now?!" In the end, it's still just a game. Creston
  24. There are some mods out there that modify influence but KSE is your best bet: http://www.starwarsknights.com/tools.php apart that, you'll find a 100% influence mod on my website - in my sig - (good if you want to turn everyone into Jedi but you'll miss convos between some npcs that requires then to be at certain levels) and headband that let's you modify your influence as you want (never tried it): http://pcgamemods.com/10498/ <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Thanks a lot Darth333! Creston Edit : I just checked out that mindprobe and it works like an absolute charm.
  25. Has anyone found a way yet to cheat influence? I'm getting a bit tired of walking around with certain party members, trying to find things to influence them with just to hear their full story. I've been looking through all the cheats, but can't seem to find any. Does anyone know if there's an option to modify influence? Creston
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