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  1. Well, a lot of what I think the nature of Force is is entrenched in many of the philosophical studies I took in college. Originally, I think the Force and all life - all existence was originally One. However, as One homogenous life form, the Force lacked identity; it was not a subjective force, as there was only One, no Other. Consciousness and self-awareness, is attained only through opposition. Both the Subject and the Object recognize their own existence through their oppositional relationship to one another. This relationship, however, does not further divide them, but rather reconcil
  2. Hasn't this whole "what is the offical Revan like" been done to death already? Bah, why bother imaging what Revan was like when you can let Lucas Arts tell you that your Revan and your Exile were both in fact a white, Anglo-Saxon LS males -- just like KOTOR 3's protagonist and every single other Star Wars game that will come to pass for the next 50 years. Ho-hum. Hooray for the status quo. I don't see why it's so damned important anyway. Whether Revan nailed Bastila or Carth is of no significance in the end.
  3. Ditto, that is the DAMN funniest thing I've read today.
  4. That was great. Too bad we can't get the other guys in the game to play.
  5. B - has to be Kreia's; the skin around it is all wrinkly. F - Atton's.
  6. That's because no man alive would still want to hit on an ugly girl, but girls are more likely to look past the surface, which is BS, but...
  7. Many guys make the claim that a male Revan makes more sense because of his relationship with Bastila, but I would beg to differ. My playthrough as a male Revan seemed cliche. It was just so ho-hum. "But Bastila, you can't fall to the Darkside; LOVE conquers all, baby!" Blah. Been there. Done that. Let's try something new. Bastila's redemption is much more meaningful with a female Revan, because the story doesn't have to fall back on a cheap romance plot. Her redemption is self-realized and therefore EARNED. Revan is the Jedi that Juhani worshiped so much back in her childhood
  8. All these "women make crap generals" arguments give more credence to the fact that a female Revan would have more reason to wear a mask than a male Revan would. Even before her "Fall," Revan wore a mask. Why? Could it be due to the fact that she indeed knew an army of men would have had a problem following a woman into battle, but NOT someone whom because of a mask, other men would simply presume was just another man? I'm not the most Star Wars savvy person here, but I don't know many Jedi who go around wearing masks just for the hell of it or because it looks cool. However, a woman w
  9. About $1500. But I've never heard of Alienware laptops.
  10. Thanks all for your advice! I've done some more shopping around and I'm guessing a Dell Inspiron 9300 with GeForce 6800 will work?
  11. Don't know and don't care either way. Why make a game where we can select the Revan's sex, if the decision was never meant for us to decide? It's bull****, but if that's what L.A. wants, then next time, they should just make sure that the player is only allowed to select a heterosexual white male so as not to leave how we invision Revan (or any other PC) up to our own imaginations. Single, heterosexual, Anglo-Saxon white male PC's all the way! To diverge from this canon would skew the limited realities of players everywhere! (Human imagination is indeed limited.)
  12. Disciple also responds to you differently if you're neutral.
  13. Yeah, I mean depending upon which country you're from esp. I think "Revan" sounds feminine, as does the name "Jaden" from Jedi Knight. I mean, I think the name "Ryan" sounds feminine. OR it could be that due to certain obvious and much bitched about time constraints, the devs were not able to implement many many many things.
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