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  1. Well, a lot of what I think the nature of Force is is entrenched in many of the philosophical studies I took in college. Originally, I think the Force and all life - all existence was originally One. However, as One homogenous life form, the Force lacked identity; it was not a subjective force, as there was only One, no Other. Consciousness and self-awareness, is attained only through opposition. Both the Subject and the Object recognize their own existence through their oppositional relationship to one another. This relationship, however, does not further divide them, but rather reconciles them. They are forever bound. Each only defines themselves in relationship to one another. From what I have seen in the movies and comics, the Force is all life - all existence. As a part of life then, its will is our will. I see life as a way for the Force to attain self-awareness. When a person dies, they return to the Force with their own experiences and thus, change the nature of the Force. In a sense, life - the Force is always in a state of becoming. Only at the end of time, when all life has returned to the Force, will the Force again be whole. But at the end, the Force will not be as it once was; it will be complete. I think that's what the Light Side and the Dark Side of the Force is all about. So to answer the original question, yes the Force has a will, but it is our will even if we are not aware of it; after all, one human life is only one small part of life as a whole.
  2. Hasn't this whole "what is the offical Revan like" been done to death already? Bah, why bother imaging what Revan was like when you can let Lucas Arts tell you that your Revan and your Exile were both in fact a white, Anglo-Saxon LS males -- just like KOTOR 3's protagonist and every single other Star Wars game that will come to pass for the next 50 years. Ho-hum. Hooray for the status quo. I don't see why it's so damned important anyway. Whether Revan nailed Bastila or Carth is of no significance in the end.
  3. Ditto, that is the DAMN funniest thing I've read today.
  4. That was great. Too bad we can't get the other guys in the game to play.
  5. B - has to be Kreia's; the skin around it is all wrinkly. F - Atton's.
  6. That's because no man alive would still want to hit on an ugly girl, but girls are more likely to look past the surface, which is BS, but...
  7. Many guys make the claim that a male Revan makes more sense because of his relationship with Bastila, but I would beg to differ. My playthrough as a male Revan seemed cliche. It was just so ho-hum. "But Bastila, you can't fall to the Darkside; LOVE conquers all, baby!" Blah. Been there. Done that. Let's try something new. Bastila's redemption is much more meaningful with a female Revan, because the story doesn't have to fall back on a cheap romance plot. Her redemption is self-realized and therefore EARNED. Revan is the Jedi that Juhani worshiped so much back in her childhood days on Taris. She doesn't recognize the PC because Revan was wearing that mask. That's the only explanation available. Of couse. But that's incredibly BORING don't you think? We all know that if forced to choose a sex, L.A. would designate both Revan and the Exile as "White, Anglo-Saxon heterosexual male" just like (for the most part) every single other Star Wars hero. Even a canon *gasp* black, Asian, etc. Revan would be too much. ...Much less female Revan! *GASP!* Unacceptable.
  8. All these "women make crap generals" arguments give more credence to the fact that a female Revan would have more reason to wear a mask than a male Revan would. Even before her "Fall," Revan wore a mask. Why? Could it be due to the fact that she indeed knew an army of men would have had a problem following a woman into battle, but NOT someone whom because of a mask, other men would simply presume was just another man? I'm not the most Star Wars savvy person here, but I don't know many Jedi who go around wearing masks just for the hell of it or because it looks cool. However, a woman who had to pretend to be a man in order to gain the respect of an army, which could never conceive of a strong female leader, would. Many women in the Civil War dressed up like men in order to fight. A female Jedi would probably do the same. However, I'd also like to point out that this all takes place in a galaxy far, far away. It is not our world, but at the same time it is, which causes quite a few problems. The other argument that Revan had to be a man simply because all the strongest Jedi are men is a fallacy. Those who write the Star Wars universe are primarily men, who write for an audience, which again is composed of primarily men. The number of women who play games and gain an interest in Science fiction (and by extent Star Wars) is steadily increasing. Once the number of female writers and female audience increases, the more strong female Jedi we'll find. And yet, I'm sure people will still find many ways in which to impede their already limited imaginations with their "traditional values." But I'd still like to point out the fact that it's up to each and every player to decide Revan's sex. Therefore, all these posts about Revan had to be male/female due to this or that reason (including mine) are pointess.
  9. About $1500. But I've never heard of Alienware laptops.
  10. Thanks all for your advice! I've done some more shopping around and I'm guessing a Dell Inspiron 9300 with GeForce 6800 will work?
  11. Don't know and don't care either way. Why make a game where we can select the Revan's sex, if the decision was never meant for us to decide? It's bull****, but if that's what L.A. wants, then next time, they should just make sure that the player is only allowed to select a heterosexual white male so as not to leave how we invision Revan (or any other PC) up to our own imaginations. Single, heterosexual, Anglo-Saxon white male PC's all the way! To diverge from this canon would skew the limited realities of players everywhere! (Human imagination is indeed limited.)
  12. Disciple also responds to you differently if you're neutral.
  13. Yeah, I mean depending upon which country you're from esp. I think "Revan" sounds feminine, as does the name "Jaden" from Jedi Knight. I mean, I think the name "Ryan" sounds feminine. OR it could be that due to certain obvious and much bitched about time constraints, the devs were not able to implement many many many things.
  14. The Jedi training courses that you put your team mates through was cut all together.
  15. I think it's oversimplifying things here. The "it's all about sex appeal" argument is much like "what was first, egg or chicken" -- we have no way to tell if these games wouldn't have sold just as well if the main character wasn't wearing such kind of outfits... which is quite likely, when you consider that games which had 'normally' dressed females as leads (the Longest Journey or Syberia series) also wind up popular and recognized widely as masterpieces... plus, men apparently have no problem with playing female characters that aren't really pleasing to the eye in MMO games. (trolls, dwarves, hundred years old wrinkly mages and whatnot) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Perhaps, but do you really think KOTOR would have sold as well with ONLY a female lead? I mean, just read all the posts here about how awkward these male gamers feel about a female Revan much less romancing a person as a woman... The Syberia series is played by a different sort of gamer, though. There's no action involved. It's more like a game of chess, a game of the mind. Whereas, KOTOR is more action-oriented, which I imagine is why many gamers feel that Revan could not have been a woman. As for the trolls and dwarves... isn't it nearly impossible to tell a female dwarf from a male dwarf - they're almost as hairy as any man..., in which case, I imagine it's more of a joke playthrough than anything. My experience with playing such games as a dwarf is limited, however. I just remember a certain NWN female dwarf character model with a beard and gave it my face.
  16. I wish people would stop using this bull**** argument. Just because Lucas Arts writes Revan as a man, doesn't mean that is what THEY want - it is what the majority audience wants. And the general audience is composed of males. This just goes to show you that Revan is however we interpret him or her as. The majority says Revan is a man, so it is thus. And let's face it, more men than women have issues playing games that have a strong female protagonist. The only exception are games like BloodRayne, but then - male gamers are not playing said game because she is a strong woman. Male gamers play games like BloodRayne because the lead character is wearing next to nothing. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I wish that angry and ignorant people wouldn't call my posts BS just because they refuse to accept the truth. If LucasArts wanted Revan to be a woman, they would make Revan a woman. Simple as that. IIRC, they did an expansion pack for the first Jedi Knight game featuring a woman as the player character - and as I understand it, that expansion pack is considered to be better than the game itself... but I haven't played either myself, so can't talk from personal experience. If LucasArts says that someone is male, then that person *is* male. It's their frickin' universe, you know. You may not like their decision, but no whining or angry outbursts from you can change that - just like I can't change the fact that Jar Jar Binx is a part of the SW universe, no matter how much I'd like to... But anyway, my point is: don't shoot the messenger. Or something. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> You need to calm down, young sir. I wasn't yelling or doing anything of the sort. I took you're name out of the quote because I wasn't referring to you specifically, but to all people who use that excuse. It seems to me that a lot of people here (again, not you specifically) use the whole "L.A's official website says..." to support their own argument that Revan HAD to have been male. I mean, who cares what L.A. has to say. If L.A. didn't intend for the player to choose Revan's sex in the game, then L.A. wouldn't have left up to the player to begin with.
  17. I disagree. Works wonderfully as a female trying to save someone considered a sister. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Do you really believe that?? I mean c'mon. The scene is much more powerful if Revan is male. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> On the contrary. I think the whole love aspect between a male Revan and Bastilla is cliche and just cheapens the "moment." My male Revan just wanted to get in her pants.
  18. Didn't really stop the Lara Croft games from selling, though... and the whole business with many MMO players picking female characters even if they're males themselves. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Read my last point about why men will sometimes play games with a female lead: basically men play games like BloodRayne and Tomb Raider because the female protagonist is aethetically pleasing to look at. She's either wearing short shorts or tight-ass leather with spiked heels. It's all about the sex appeal and little else.
  19. Be that as it may, it's irrelevant. If Lucas Arts says how something is, then it's like that regardless of their reasons. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Well yes. That's why I said it. Most things in this world (aside from tampons) are made for the general male audience. Women simply put up with it and adapt; who knows why... However, all this talk is irrelevent. I thought this thread was simply about which sex the player chose for the characers, not what Lucas Arts has to say about the matter. Why doesn't somebody just ask L.A. if they meant to make Revan officially male if it's become such an issue?
  20. Actually, if they say Revan is a man, then people will just have to suck it up regardless of what they think. At least until someone higher up the SW food chain says that Revan wasn't a man. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> My point is only: of course, if Lucas Arts is forced to choose a sex for Revan/the Exile, they will always be male. More males buy video games. I mean, just think how many people would have NOT bought KOTOR 1 & 2, if the sex had been restricted to female only. In contrast, women would still have bought the game if only a male character could be selected. Men could never handle being women. The mere thought of being female is repugnant to them. "
  21. I wish people would stop using this bull**** argument. Just because Lucas Arts writes Revan as a man, doesn't mean that is what THEY want - it is what the majority audience wants. And the general audience is composed of males. This just goes to show you that Revan is however we interpret him or her as. The majority says Revan is a man, so it is thus. And let's face it, more men than women have issues playing games that have a strong female protagonist. The only exception are games like BloodRayne, but then - male gamers are not playing said game because she is a strong woman. Male gamers play games like BloodRayne because the lead character is wearing next to nothing.
  22. My desktop computer can't run kotor 2 due to a crappy video card. Boo-hoo and all that. However, I'm now in the market for a new laptop for school... and a new internship. I've been shopping around for laptops in my price range and there's a relatively inexpensive Sony with a better graphics card, which is supposedly supported: ATI Mobility Radeon 9200 64 MB. I know kotor 2 should be able to run on this card, but it seems like quite a few people are having problems anyway. Alternatively, if I'm willing to spend a little extra, there are some other laptops with ATI Mobility Radeon 9700, but I'm not sure if that's even supported and I'd rather not spend the extra money right now. What are your opinions? Perhaps I should keep looking? I've got 'til summer.
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