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  1. You make absolutely NO sense... And you have too high an opinion of yourself as well. Everything I posted is relevant to this discussion. I addressed what is going on in the video game industry right now whether you want to admit it or not. Let me guess? Are you some high paid CEO or CFO of some huge gaming corporation somewhere? I highly doubt it, but if you are... Truth hurts, don't it, buster? I posted what I did because no one ever talks about this aspect of the business on any forum for any game. You're free to disagree with it if you want... But saying, "Shut up, man"
  2. How old are you? 12? You sound like an eight year old who doesn't know how to interact with others online, let alone in real life. All you do is keep insisting that console games "suck" and pc games are better because you say so without backing any of it up. You're the one who looks like a fool compared to me and a few others who can actually put together coherent thoughts. This is called freedom of speech. Either grow up and accept it, or learn to deal with people's opposing points of view. Trying to get around the language filter is bad... -Battlewookiee
  3. The game was never finished to begin with and there is nothing left that LA or Obsidian can do to finish it. Do you (in general) really think the high quality movie and music patch would have improved the game that much? Truth be told, I think a lot of gamers were in a little denial that this would be some kind of "savior" for the game. ***** As some have already stated, most have moved on and already finished the game four, five months ago. If this had been an MP game, I gurantee the support would have been better and more forthcoming. Why? Because they would be "forced" to in som
  4. Please. Not another, "I am so L33T because I play games on a PC and not console" debate. News Flash: PLAYING VIDEO GAMES ON ONE SYSTEM, OR ANOTHER DOES NOT MAKE YOU SUPERIOR NO MATTER WHAT YOUR EGO TELLS YOU! There is a reason why console systems are now more profitable and more user-friendly than PC games as much as die-hard PC gamers don't want to admit: 1) They innovate. Have you played the game "Mercenaries"? It is a third-person, Grand Theft Auto-style, freeroam, over-the-top military style shoot'em up that has a MINIMUM of 52 open-ended levels PLUS side-quests an
  5. You are the very reason why the PC games industsry is in such bad shape and why huge publishers like EA and LA can put out unfinished CRAP -- Because people like you will gobble it up and be like Oliver Twist, "Please sir, can I have some more?" Also, as talented as the modders in the KOTOR community are... They are not developers and should not have to finish, or correct major bugs in the game and we should not treat them as "Gods" or "Psuedo-Devs" as a lot of people in the community do. I am sorry, but that is also the truth as I have seen it go to their heads on many occassion on the mo
  6. The correct term is "slowdown" for SP games. Lag only refers to the delay in online games where there is a lag between the time the server sends info. and you process it. The reason I am being anal about this is because when you go to diagnose a problem and help someone there needs to be a specific distinction between offline and on -- Which is moot for KOTOR, but I just thought I'd bring it up for G.P. Also... Revan The Great: Turning on vsync has nothing to do with the vertex buffer objects problem this Odyssey engine has. What you were experiencing was tearing which pro
  7. I've never had a problem with an Nvidia card overheating. That was probably due to other things like bad ventilation, drivers -- there was a temperature bug that caused Nvidia cards to run hot a while back -- Or just that particular card having a bad heatsink. I go back and forth between Nvidia and ATI and have no loyalty to either brand. I want what is best at the current moment and ATI was when I bought my 9800 Pro. Now, Nvidia is back on top with the 6800 and 7800. Hopefully, ATI will come out with something soon that will equal these two in both D3D and OGL.
  8. The reason for the performance hit is because this game does not cull objects you don't see and is "overloading" your GPU. If you look toward a map your video card is being forced to "render" everything on the map even if you don't physically see it. If you turn toward a wall at the edge of a map the frame rate goes up because this is the boundry of the map and there is nothing beyond that wall except virtual space. The reason the game runs better on an Nvidia card is because it is an OpenGL game and Nvidia has always done better with OGL games than ATI. This is not fanboy talk. This
  9. I know you're trying to be the cool rebel here and "go along with the crowd"... But technicaly speaking, the reason it won't be is because of the multi-part encryption that SF 4 has going for it that other copy protection schemes do not. This is a factor whether you want to admit it, or not. It is also the real reason none of the "scene" groups have cracked it. They can front all they want about it not being worth it, or not having time to compete, blah, blah, blah. The fact is they couldn't do it because it is not a simple exec hack like most protection schemes are. The o
  10. Missing my point, as usual. What is important is that there is a No-CD patch available for games released only recently. That's all that matters. ) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> But that is NOT the point and it DOES matter. The StarForce used on "Restricted Area" is an OLDER version (3.0.x). It is an exprimental version and therefore, had some holes in it. It is also the cheaper of the SF protection packages game publishers and devs can buy. The version newer games like SC:CT and future games are going to have is called "Professional and Commercial Level Security Measures" aka
  11. This is an older version of StarForce than SC:CT and others. Just like Vampire The Masquarade used an older version. I love it when people immediately try and "one up" someone without doing their research first. ---- RE: Piracy in general... The big issue that needs addressing is most of the leaked copies that hit the internet weeks before the retail release come from INSIDE the actual game companies themselves. In a lot of cases, there is no other way a copy of the game could have been distributed without it having come from inside the company... OR from their distribution cha
  12. What makes StarForce unbeatable is that unlike most game's copy protection schemes, it resides in not just the executable, but other files (the SF drivers that are installed "hook" into your IDE channels on your mobo to identify how many physical drives you have... As well as virtual drives... ) that make up the game itself like .ini files, sound files; even a .bik movie could have a sum check on it. While most sum check schemes can be gotten around what is different with StarForce is that it comes with an unlock code that specific to that particular disc and installation and has to be ver
  13. KOTOR II uses Secur Rom 7.x.x -- Brand new version of Securom.
  14. The only copy protection that hasn't been officially "cracked" is StarForce. Why? Because it installs drivers into your system* that authenticate not just the disc, but also individual game files -- like sound files, ini. files, even video files -- And not just the core executable where 99% of most CD-Protection schemes lay. Splinter Cell: Choas Theory is currently the "test bed" product for this new copy protection scheme and apparently it is working as planned as many pirate groups have given up on cracking it... Because they can't. This is relevant to this discussion because
  15. If you notice, I haven't posted in a while... Namely because this game is dead. Yeah, I am going to dust off that old cliche... Because in this case, it really is the truth. KOTOR2 is not a MP game like Guild Wars, or NWN. There is no real community to keep it going. You play through it twice (Light/Dark) and that's about all she wrote. There is a mod community... But come on. Most of the mods just add additions to the game that are personal "wants" and needs, I.E. My Exile can use Anakin Skywalker's lightsaber hilt. I can have cool new "made up" Force powers. Wow. Big dea
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